Curse of Strahd: Supplement Materials

Curse of Strahd is D&D 5th edition adaption of the 1983 Ravenloft module for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and one of the most well regarded modules of all time. I dove head first into Barovia and the tale of the vampire Strahd Von Zarovich as a Dungeon Master in the fall of last year.

With the game now nearing completion I wanted to share some resources that I found helpful for any DMs thinking about venturing into the mists. Feel free to post or reach out with any questions or if you know the sources for anything I’ve marked as “Unknown”!


Player Resources

Monster Stat Blocks

Props and Misc

DMGuild and Patreon Resources

I don’t know the creators or profit in any way if you buy these, but wanted to share in case you’re interested!


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