Waterdeep – Dragon Heist: Session 0 and Chapter 1 Supplements

Having just moved to Chicago I couldn’t help but get together a new group of local players for D&D – though admittedly virtually for now. Waterdeep: Dragon Heist, a romp through the famous oceanside city and home to a tavern with a well in the middle of the common room that leads down to a mad wizard’s dungeon (an interesting city planning decision for sure), was chosen as the module of choice. With the first few sessions under my belt I thought this would be a good opportunity to share some resources I’ve found helpful.


  • The Alexandrian Remix by Justin Alexander
    • The most comprehensive guide to the module that I’ve found. It goes to great lengths to correct inconsistencies with the storyline and actually incorporate the lairs of all the villains through the campaign’s namesake – heists!

Session 0

Chapter 1 – A Friend in Need


I don’t know the creators or profit in any way if you buy these, but wanted to share in case you’re interested!

Reference Files

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