Waterdeep – Dragon Heist: Trollskull Manor Management Tool

*WARNING: Contains Spoilers for Chapters 1 and 2*


Waterdeep – Dragon Heist: Trollskull Manor Management Tool v1.0

Let’s get right down to business (get it!?). You can download the first version of my excel based Trollskull Manor Management Tool for FREE here:

Download or Google Sheets Version

What is it?

Give DMs a way to more easily track and customize the management of Trollskull Manor and determine what the players should get paid for their efforts (or pay back!).

So where did this come from?

As I mentioned in my previous post about helpful materials for Sessions 0 and 1, I’ve recently starting DMing the city-based treasure hunt Waterdeep: Dragon Heist. The party is now in Chapter 2 and has taken possession of the deed for one of the shining pieces of the campaign – Trollskull Manor (and everyone’s favorite specter Lif!).

However, I was pretty unimpressed once I read how the book wanted me to handle running the place. There’s all these great guilds for players to go out and explore and an overwhelming amount of repairs to be done, but it all boils down to paying 1250 dragons (GP) and then rolling a d100 every so often?

Luckily there’s some great resources out there to expand on Trollskull Manor. Everything from room descriptions, breakdowns of the types of repairs, to alternative systems for running the place. What I couldn’t uncover though was  a way to operate Trollskull Manor for what it really is – a business!

As a result I decided to put together this tool to help me with two main things:

  1. Breakdown and easily track the required repairs for Trollskull Manor in order to open
  2. Once the place is open for business, easily track operations using an income statement and renown system that fit my specific DMing style

As it seems to be working well for me I figured there was no reason not to share it!

I hope you enjoy the tool. This is just the first iteration though so please let me know if you have any suggestions or find any errors and go make some profits!


2 thoughts on “Waterdeep – Dragon Heist: Trollskull Manor Management Tool

    1. Very cool stuff – I like all of the narrative aspects you’ve worked in as well. I haven’t heard of Durnan’s guide but I’ll have to look into it!

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