Part IX: The Fields of Spring (Vale Crossing – Section A)

The Wild Beyond the Witchlight: Reimagined

Welcome to part nine of The Wild Beyond the Witchlight: Reimagined, an expansion and alternative take on the The Wild Beyond the Witchlight campaign. Please check out the previous entries in the series before diving in here!

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Vale Crossing is a town that has served as a melting pot of sorts within the Fields of Spring. While there are fey living there, many residents are those who have somehow found their way to the Feywild, whether by accident or not. The town serves as the quest hub for the Fields of Spring and is also where players can learn about the area, rest, and shop.

While we covered many of the quests in the last entry, there will be additional detail as we dive into the specific locations within Vale Crossing. In fact there’s so much detail it unfortunately didn’t fit into the reddit text limits for a post so I’m splitting it in two.

There’s plenty to explore in Vale Crossing

We will go through each area in alphabetical order except the Welcome Center as it will always be the first location the players visit when they first arrive. As the party speaks with the residents of the town, there is some information that most residents will be able to share:

  • There used to be a true ruler here in the Fields of Spring, Oberon the Green Lord. Unfortunately he mysteriously disappeared during the War of the Seasons 10 years ago
  • The Green Keep, Oberon’s old home, is now ruled by goblins. They’re a big thorn in the town’s side, and in particular since they’ve recently started a sacrilegious logging operation at The Shroudwood
  • It’s recommended to stay far away from Loomlurch, Oberon’s old hunting lodge. A dangerous hag has taken up residence there and doesn’t appreciate visitors
  • If asked about the beast that attacked the party’s balloon most residents would recognize the description as the Jabberwock. They would describe it as a dangerous predator, but not something to worry about here. It lives in the Summer Court and the queen has full control over it. As a result most residents will dismiss the sighting by the party and assume they were mistaken.
    • For your reference, this is because Tasha has taken control over the Summer Palace, releasing Queen Titania’s control over the Jabberwock which now indeed roams free
  • Gertrude, the owner of Underfoot, the town’s main tavern and inn, is a wealth of knowledge if the party has questions or want to hear about things around town
  • The Winter Court and all unseelie fey are extremely untrustworthy (though Sam at the Woodcutter’s Axe isn’t so bad). The people of the Fields of Spring and Summer Court are much more refined and civilized
    • A successful DC 12 Insight check will reveal this seems to be a general bias among the residents and not necessarily based on any actual facts
  • Similarly, many people will be nervous about the prospect of a new war between the courts. This is especially so given the news that Queen Mab has apparently recently employed a new advisor, a sorceress named Zybilna, to create a powerful new secret weapon for the Winter Court

Welcome Center

When the players cross over Folly Bridge they will soon be brought to the town’s Welcome Center.

In the distance you spot what appears to be a medium village against the banks of a clear slow-moving river, with gentle hills rising up on each side. As you get closer you approach a small building hugging the path leading into the town. When you examine the elaborate carvings worked into the building’s eaves, a cheery halfling steps outs with a wide smile and tray of glasses filled with a light blue beverage.

“Welcome to Vale Crossing! I’m Percy Cherrypot. Can I interest you in a refreshing bubbling brew to cool your travelworn bodies?” The halfling proffers the tray.

Percy is the cheerful administrator of the Welcome Center which serves to greet newcomers to Vale Crossing. Any players who partake in the welcome drink recover 3d4 hit points and are cured of any poison affecting them. The drink must be consumed within 1 hour or it will lose any magical potency.

Regardless of whether the party takes Percy up on the offer of drinks, soon after a number of faeries flutter behind Percy, blowing on tiny trumpets seemingly heralding the arrival of the party, while a few others throw small amounts of confetti into the air.

Percy is always happy to aid newcomers to Vale Crossing

While talking with Percy he will gladly share the following:

  • Physical maps of both Vale Crossing (see above) and the Fields of Spring (see Part VIII: The Fields of Spring (aka Thither). While he can provide descriptions and directions to the different locations within Vale Crossing, he can’t name the numbered locations on the Fields of Spring map
  • Vale Crossing is melting pot. Its residents are mostly those who accidentally wandered into the Feywild and never left but some fey folk have made it their home as well.
  • It’s named after both the crossing of people and the four paths leading out of town. The four path are as follows:
    • East: The Shroudwood
    • West: Murkendraw
    • North: Yon and the Winter Court. (Percy: “You wouldn’t want to head up that way of course – the unseelie court can be quite frigid to outsiders!”)
    • South: The Golden Fields and the Green Keep
    • If the party is seeking the summer court he states it far past the Shroudwood. He isn’t able to provide any detail beyond “very very far”!
  • He’s also happy to name some of the key figures in town:
    • Gertrude Chataway – Bartender at the Underfoot Tavern and Inn
    • Grimm the Sheriff
    • Otto Tyrick – Mayor
  • If asked about Jorgen the bridge troll, Percy hopes the party didn’t have any trouble. Jorgen the troll is in fact an essential part of the Vale Crossing community who cares and maintains Folly Bridge
    • While he always asks for a toll he is easy to trick and will usually take anything offered – a well-known fact among the townfolk
    • Next time the party leaves town Percy recommends heading out instead out of the east entrance towards The Shroudwood and The Golden Fields, which doesn’t require crossing Folly Bridge
    • [Optional] If it comes to light that the party killed Jorgen, this will not go over well and may lead to calls for the party to be arrested by Grimm, the Sherriff. In this case, or any instance where the party commits serious crimes within town, Grimm (see The Sherriff’s section below for his stat block) will seek to arrest the party. If Grimm is thwarted then next time he will be accompanied by two spring eladrin (Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes / MotM)
    • Waterdeep: Dragon Heist has some great content around these type of situations. Solutions for the party could include things like bribes, persuasion checks, or even a NPC intervening on behalf of the PCs (because they were helped by the party, or need help – such as the mayor needing help with the goblins)

Once the players have gotten all they need from Percy I would prompt them to see where they’d like to go on the town map. If they seem unsure it’s always a safe bet to push them towards Underfoot where they can learn quite a bit about what’s going on in the area.

The blue drink is a signature offering of The Welcome Center

This can also be a good time for any NPCs (such as Morgort) to declare their intention to bid the characters farewell if it seems appropriate. If Clapperclaw is with the party, it may make sense for him to stick around until they eventually reach Little Oak.

Once a destination has been chosen, read the following before taking the party there:

As you continue past the welcome center, the village comes closer into focus. The buildings are mostly thatched cottages of varying sizes, some with turfed grass roofs, and others larger. The land is dotted with trees, brimming with plump fruit, though one in particular sticks out in the center of town rising above all of the rest – its canopy stretching over the village and providing a pleasant and cool shade even all the way to the edge of town. As you take it all in, a group of children rush by chasing sheep and the aroma of fresh baked goods fills the air.

Bailey’s General Store

A cast iron sign hanging in front of this building just reads, “Bailey’s” and creaks as it sways gently in the wind. As you step inside you see that every wall and crevice is crammed with crates, sacks, and all kinds of everyday products. Behind the counter, a young half-elf woman flashes a smile. “Greetings and welcome to Bailey’s!”

The young woman is Bailey, the proprietor of the shop. She has the following items for sale:

  • Any item found on the Adventuring Gear and Tools tables in chapter 5, “Equipment,” of the Player’s Handbook at the prices listed (excluding vehicles)
  • Anoraks with matching boots, hats, and gloves for 10 gp per entire set (see below). If the players mention traveling to Yon, Bailey will bring these up as an important item to buy if they don’t want to freeze to death

In addition to coin, Bailey will also barter for goods, but prefers money unlike most other denizens of the Feywild. If the players inquire about magical items she will refer them to the Traveling Wagons area where traveling traders come to hawk their wares, as well as the Woodcutter’s Axe if they’re seeking weapons and armor.

Anorak Set
Adventuring Gear

This outfit consists of a heavy hooded waterproof coat, thick wool hat and gloves, and sturdy cold weather boots. Its wearer automatically succeeds on saving throws against the effects of extreme cold.

Blackberry Row

The wealthy and elite of Vale Crossing, mostly make their home within Blackberry Row, an exclusive area filled with high-end cafes, shops, and other businesses. Mayor Otto Tyrick resides here with his family when he not busy with events or business elsewhere and can sometimes be found at the Four Seasons Café as well (see the Town Center for more information).

Four Seasons Café

The sound of light chatter hangs on the wind as you approach a charming café wreathed in vibrant flowers. Patrons sip tea and coffee from small patio tables on the café’s terrace while the building’s large overhang provides them with cover from the sun.

The Four Seasons is a refined but popular café, frequented by people from across Vale Crossing for its outdoor ambience and delicious drinks. Given the café’s popularity the café’s waiter will only take one round of orders and ask the party to give up their table once finished. There is also a limit on one visit per day for any patron.

The café offers the following food and beverages (portions sized for one player). The magical effects would not be known before ordering (but are once the food or drink is consumed) and do not stack. If you’re looking for a visual hand-out I recommend to use the menu kindly put together by lyokowarri0r!

Food or BeverageDescriptionMagical EffectsCost
Aromatic EspressoEspresso steamed with catoblepas milk and served with a single sugar cube on the sideYou gain advantage on one Investigation or Perception check of your choice that you make within the next hour5 sp
Sleepy Bark TeaHerbal mint tea flavored with treant leaves, honey, and a single lemon wedgeYou gain advantage on one Persuasion or Deception check of your choice that you make within the next hour5 sp
Dusk Hollow CiderHot apple cider and whiskey seared by local Shroudwood Will-o’-Wisps. Mixed with cloves and nutmeg and finished with two cinnamon sticksYou gain resistance to fire damage for 24 hours8 sp
Tea SandwichesVariety of small crustless triangular sandwiches including cheese, smoked quipper, and pumpkin jamYou gain advantage on saving throws against being charmed, and magic can’t put you to sleep for 24 hours1 gp
Signature CroissantButtery and flaky croissant hand-rolled and shaped by pixiesYou gain advantage on one Arcana or Religion check of your choice that you make within the next hour4 sp

Fae Fabrics by Iylana and Sebastian

The window display of this shop is what first catches your eye. Three mannequins displayed in a row are all dressed in lavish outfits with bright colors that evoke imagery of the Fields of Spring. In intricate gold lettering near the top of the building it states “Fae Fabrics by Iylana and Sebastian”.

This shop is a purveyor of fine clothes and fashion run by the brother-sister combo of Iylana and Sebastian. The sibling summer eladrin are in high-demand by the wealthier residents of Vale Crossing, but are more than willing to craft something for the party… at a price.

While players can commission any non-magical clothing from the pair, the owners also sell the Anorak Set by Sebastian for 50 gp (see below), Iylana’s Cloak of Many Fashions (Xanathar’s Guide to Everything) for 50 gp, and a Cloak of Billowing (Xanathar’s Guide to Everything) for 25 gp. Any custom clothes will take 1d3 days to be crafted.

Anorak Set by Sebastian
Adventuring Gear

Hand-stitched cold weather gear sourced from high quality materials. This luxury set consists of a heavy hooded waterproof coat, thick wool hat and gloves, and sturdy cold weather boots. Its wearer automatically succeeds on saving throws against the effects of extreme cold.

When you make a Performance or Persuasion check while wearing this gear within a cold-weather region, you can roll a d6 and add the number rolled to the check. Once you use this property, it can’t be used again until the next dawn.


A set of smooth natural stone steps lead into quiet area enclosed by nature. Misty hot springs of various sizes, surrounded by lounge chairs and filled with soaking patrons, gently bubble, almost as if they were inviting you in personally.

Euphoria is an exclusive spa magically powered by steam mephits and young faerie dragons. For an admission cost of 10 gp you can enjoy the springs for the day and are provided with waterproof slippers, soft cotton towels, and a luxurious robe for lounging. Characters who spend at least one hour relaxing within the pools are cured of any disease afflicting them and gain 2d6 temporary hit points that last until they take a long rest.

Spring Hollow

On the outskirts of town is a large farmstead complete with an attached barn, and iron weathervane. While the traditional neat rows of vegetables, fruits, and flowers cover the grounds, most interestingly are the giant pumpkins outside of the barn – some towering over the building itself. A number of cats roam the grounds, one is even stretched lazily on the barn roof, all seemingly ignorant or uncaring to your presence.

With Madryck removed, couldn’t let this great picture go to waste!

As the party approaches read the following:

A human woman with hair drawn back in braids considers you as you approach. The woman introduces herself with a strong calloused handshake. “Name’s Hazel. Hazel Wester. What can I do you for? Not often people bother to wander out here to Spring Hollow.” As you examine her up close you see she has long thin whiskers protruding from her cheeks.

Hazel will be happy to chat with the party. If asked about all of the cats or her whiskers she’ll begin to ramble.

“The cats? Oh yeah a pain but I’ve gotten used to them. Sometimes I swear though I think I hear them plotting against me. Must be my imagination.”

She pauses for just a moment. “I think it really must be due to ol’ Willa. You know – Willa the Grimalkin?” When she realizes you all don’t know she continues.

“It’s said she lives deep within the dark of the Shroudwood – a dark mischievous creature. She’s a cat after all – though a big one of course. If you have questions, she is said to be a endless fountain of knowledge. Question is how forthcoming she will be. I don’t trust her myself.” She ponders for a few seconds.

“Unless you were asking about my whiskers? They’re darn itchy for one, but that’s a longer story. But it could be related now that you say it…”

If asked Hazel will share about her own background, which may sound familiar to some of your players (wink wink).

She’s originally from a town in the north of the Sword Coast known for mining, lumber, and farming. Believe it or not her father was actually the mayor for a while, but when she was a young girl the town decided to switch to a three-person council after some bad luck with thieves, an evil drow wizard, and even a white dragon. Her father said it was a bunch of nonsense and meant nothing would get done, but she never really got a chance to find out.

One summer day she was on her way to the town orchard when she heard a voice call out to her from the nearby woods. Normally she would know better than to be wandering off after mysterious voices, but she’s had a long time to think about it and has come to the conclusion that it must have magical. She followed it deep into the woods, much further than she had ever been before. When it finally stopped, and she was clear of the treeline, she found herself here in the land of spring, and with these darned whiskers.

Bernard, the old owner of the orchard took her in and raised her. She knew all about farming from her hometown and Bernard was a patient teacher as well. When he passed a few years ago it seemed only right to continue his legacy and keep Spring Hollow going

Hazel supplies many of the places in town and you’ll be able to find pumpkin based dishes at The Four Seasons Café and Underfoot.

She offers to sell the players bags of pumpkin seeds for 1 gp each which have 2d6 servings in each packet (she has bags available up to the number of players in the party).

Any creature that eats a serving of pumpkin seeds as an action regains 1 hit point. If a creature eats more than five servings of pumpkin seeds in 1 hour, it must succeed on a DC 12 Constitution saving throw or be poisoned for 1d4 hours. After 3 days the pumpkin seeds lose their magical potency.

Hazel had a hard-go of it but has made the best of things in Vale Crossing

Fairy Ring

When the players are leaving they will spot a 20 foot diameter circle of colorful, 6-inch tall toadstools. It radiates an aura of conjuration magic when scrutinized with a detect magic spell. Hazel will explain that this is a fairy ring and used to be home to a number of faeries but they left long ago when Vale Crossing became so large and populated. It’s rumored that one can magically travel between fairy rings but she isn’t sure if it’s true or how it would work.

Mechanically, one can travel between fairy rings as long as they’ve been to the ring they’re looking to travel to before. The manner of travel must be learned from the faeries or through a successful DC 20 Intelligence (Arcana) check to recall enough folklore about fairy rings to know what must be done to activate them. The other two fairy rings in the Fields of Spring can be found at Little Oak and Nib’s Cave. These are not fey crossings like in the book.

The Enchanted Oven

The smell of warm bread hits you before you even see the small building. A replica of an oven is propped on top of the roof, beneath which a in large bold wooden letters spells is the bakery’s name – “The Enchanted Oven”.

As the party steps inside they will see an eladrin woman with a chef’s apron dirtied with flour working at a massive oven. In front of her is a row of large glass cabinets displaying a wide variety of breads, pastries, and cakes. A sign has been hung from the side wall (the same as Underfoot and the Town Square if they saw it – see below).

The eladrin is named Ilse and is the owner of the bakery. When the party enters she turns to give them a beaming smile and her eyes glow a warm yellow as she extends a hand. “Welcome to the Enchanted Oven! What can I get you today?”. Ilse has the following for sale (see the menu by lyokowarri0r for a visual aid!)

  • Rainbow Cake (5 sp): A moist slice of colorful five-layer cake topped with a confetti of sprinkles
  • Conjured Croquembouche (5 sp): A small pillar of crispy and flaky pastry puffs bound by creamy caramel
  • Radiant Bread (5 sp): A loaf of bread that always tastes like it just came fresh out of the oven
  • Scroll of Instant Cookies (10 gp) developed by The Griffon’s Saddlebag

If the players inquire about the poster, Ilse will share that the Summer Queen holds a contest to add a new personal baker to her repertoire every 5 years. For some reason no one has come to act as the judge, so Titania’s loyal knight, Ser Del Goldenpetal, who was already in town will decide the contest winner. There will be a taste testing and it’s imperative that Ilse is able to produce the best possible dish for the competition.

  • While a number of locals are competing her main rival is the Philosopher’s Scone down the way. She knows she’ll need something very good and unexpected in order to win
  • To this end she wants to make a dish with the rare hummingbrella mushroom found deep within The Shroudwood near Oberon’s old hunting lodge (Loomlurch)
  • Ilse isn’t particularly wealthy though, so in exchange she offers to bake something magical for the party (but doesn’t get into specifics)
Ilse is hopeful to win the baking contest for Queen Titania’s favor

If the party brings back the mushroom ahead of the contest she will reward the party with a Picnic Basket of Plenty and a Whisk of Gourmet Summoning (see below).

Picnic Basket of Plenty
Wondrous item, rare

As an action you can open the picnic basket to magically produce a large blanket, up to twelve place settings, and a great feast including blocks of cheese, bread, fruit, charcuterie, and other accompaniments. Up to twelve creatures can spend 10 minutes to partake in the feast which provides the same benefits as the heroes’ feast spell. Once used the picnic basket loses its magic and becomes nonmagical, but the blanket and place settings remain.

Whisk of Gourmet Summoning
Wondrous item, rare

Once per day while holding this whisk, you can speak its command word as an action to summon a flour friend in an unoccupied space you choose within 5 feet of you. The flour friend is a magically infused baked dessert that is friendly to you and your companions for the duration. When summoned it takes the shape of your choice as per its change shape ability.

Roll initiative for the creature, which has its own turns. It obeys any verbal commands that you issue to it (no action required by you). If you don’t issue any commands to the creature, it defends itself from hostile creatures but otherwise takes no actions. It remains as long as you concentrate (as if concentrating on a spell), to a maximum of 1 hour, or until it drops to 0 hit points.

The Philosopher’s Scone

A gruff older man in a white apron greets you as you step into the bakery. You’re immediately struck by the bittersweet aroma of roasting coffee.

The bakery is run by Hansel, a retired alchemist. He still dabbles in alchemy and infuses his arcane skills into his baking, coffee roasting, and candy making efforts. He offers the following items for sale (shout out to this d100 post for the ideas).

  • The Philosopher’s Scone (5 sp): A scone of bacon, sharp cheese, green onion, and hot peppers. Completely non-magical but absolutely delicious
  • Fairy Cakes (5 sp): Cookies that look like animals that walk around and make sounds until eaten or 1 minute passes
  • Levitating Lollies (5 sp):  Small hard candies with pictures of clouds on them. Eating one causes the user to levitate 6 inches off the ground for 1 minute. Eating additional lollies increases the time the user levitates with a max time being 1 hour. The height does not increase with additional servings
  • Sweet Symphony’s Sound Snacks (5 sp): The shortbread crackers causes the user to emit the sound of whatever animal the cracker was shaped like
  • Bottle of Boundless Coffee (25 gp): From Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos
Hansel is more devious than the owner of The Enchanted Oven

Like Ilse at The Enchanted Oven, Hansel is participating in the upcoming bakery contest. While he’s confident in his abilities, the reward to be the personal baker of the Summer Queen is too good to leave up to chance.

For the competition he’s particularly concerned about Ilse. As a result he will subtly ask the party to mix a special bean into Ilse’s dish during the contest. He shares that the bean will make Ilse’ dish pungent enough to be inedible but not harm anyone. As a reward he’ll offer the Bottle of Boundless Coffee from his menu for free as well as 200 gp.

The Sheriff’s

A small bell rings as you open the door to this small squat building. The inside is simple, with a wooden desk facing the door and a large, but empty, iron prison cage dominating the majority of the rest of the room. A bear of a man with shaggy hair and a thick beard, clearly too large for the desk he’s sitting behind, rises and scowls as you enter. “What is it now?”

The man is Grimm, the sheriff of Vale Crossing, a gruff man with little time for nonsense (see below for his stat block). As the players take in the room they may notice a wanted poster for the Snark hanging from the wall.

If Grimm catches the players eyeing the poster he’ll quickly chime in at the one topic that gets him excited – the Snark, a creature he believes responsible for the disappearances of travelers outside of town.

Ah, so you saw my poster. No doubt you’ve come for the 500 gold reward?

Grimm’s white whale is a dangerous predator known as the Snark that lives somewhere in The Fields of Spring. He will share that no one who has seen it has lived, hence the lack of an image on the poster. If it wasn’t for the Snark droppings he’s found, he wouldn’t know it was here at all. If asked he will happily produce a wooden bucket filled to the brim with large dung.

This might seem suspicious to players, and in fact, anyone in town asked about the Snark will think of it as a figment of Grimm’s imagination. With a successful DC 12 Insight check though, a player can discern that Grimm genuinely believes the snark is real.

If the players seem interested, Grimm will share that he’s been able to track the droppings to somewhere near the creature’s lair and can point it out on The Fields of Spring Map (#9). He will share that it’s a fierce creature, and while he prides himself on his strength – it’s not something to be taken down alone. Additionally, he can’t risk his life right now when the town needs him given the ongoing goblin crisis – hence the 500 gp reward which he will provide if the players bring back proof of the creature’s demise.

Grimm will stop at nothing to see the snark slain

If asked about the goblins Grimm will share as much as he can:

  • The Goblin King, Great Gark rules from the Green Keep, Oberon’s old seat of power
  • Grimm has had to deal with some minor goblin raiding parties on the outskirts nothing serious until recently when they’ve taken up logging operations in The Shroudwood
  • He’s scouted the goblin lumber camp and it’s heavily guarded. He’s tried to convince the mayor to put together a militia to drive them out but the man has refused. If the players are looking for Otto Tyrick he’s usually in the town square
  • If the players dismiss the goblins as a minor threat (perhaps due to experiences with goblins in the Material Plane), Grimm will be quick to correct them as to the much more dangerous goblins of the Feywild

The Woodcutter’s Ax

You approach a small building with a second floor that was seemingly tacked on. A small sign swings from the front with a carving of a pronounced anvil with an axe overlaid on top. In simple letters below it reads “The Woodcutter’s Axe”.

Once the players walk in read the following:

As you head inside you’re immediately struck by the rhythmic sound of metal banging and a sudden wave of heat. The source is an enormous forge swallowing up the majority of the room. The sound stops as the proprietor takes notice of you and approaches. The muscled man who steps forth has tanned skin and dirty light blue hair. He wipes away the sweat from his brow, revealing deep blue eyes reminiscent of a cold winter’s day.

The man is Sam Bewick, a winter eladrin, and the owner of The Woodcutter’s Axe. Sam is originally from Yon but fled after the War of the Seasons 10 years ago. Sam is actually a pseudonym, as his birth name was Berric Snowbreeze. In Yon, Sam served to create weapons for the unseelie army of the Winter Court. One day he was asked to create a suit of armor for Lana Nightwalker, one of the ladies of the Winter Court. He crafted her an exquisite set, one his greatest creations, and he was heaped with praise. However, the next day she went into combat with the Summer Court and was slain – an unfortunate turn of events unrelated to her new armaments. Her father put the blame squarely on Sam, and ordered him to be arrested and executed. Rather than accept his fate, Sam fled and never returned.

Sam is the only notable Winter Eladrin in Vale Crossing

The Woodcutter’s Axe offers the following items for sale and will also accept comparable fey bargains:

  • Any item found on the Armor and Shields as well as Weapons tables in chapter 5, “Equipment,” of the Player’s Handbook at the prices listed or through bartering
  • Weapon, +1—any simple or martial for 500 gp each
  • Shield, +1 for 500 gp
  • Ammunition, +1—arrows (10), bolts (10) or sling bullets (20) for 100 gp each
  • Service: Modify a player’s current armor to a +1 version for 1,000 gp

If the players bring up Yon at all, Sam will be hesitant to share much beyond that the players should put the place out of their minds – there isn’t a way to get there anyway given that a magical barrier separates it from all other lands. Once the players have proven themselves as an asset to the town – such as rescuing the children at Loomlurch or killing the Snark, he will be more forthcoming and share the following information:

  • Yon is a land of snow and ice and can get lethally cold. If the players are looking to travel there they should go equipped with cold weather gear. They could get them at Bailey’s for sure
  • The Winter Court is ruled by Queen Mab, an extremely powerful archfey also known as the Queen of Air and Darkness. Mab is typically bereft of emotion except when it comes to her sister Queen Titania of the Summer Court. The Queen of Air and Darkness hates Titania with a burning passion, and the hatred goes both ways. As a result the two courts have fought countless wars over the years, but never with a conclusive winner
  • The Winter Court itself is based out of Arctis Tor, The Winter Palace and full of backstabbing nobles vying for power, but Mab herself is on a pedestal above it all. Despite what the players might have heard, he will explain that the court isn’t that different from the Summer Court in reality and isn’t inherently evil. They are just two sides of the same coin and Winter Eladrin have similar negative views about the people of the Fields of Spring and Summer Court
  • The magical barrier around Yon can be bypassed with a Leyfi Runestone (only one is needed for a small group). Every unseelie fey has one, but his was stolen when he arrived in the Fields of Spring when he was waylaid by goblins. It’s possible the goblins might still have it. He could make one himself too, but would need a recipe and whatever ingredients the recipe asks for
  • Sam will share his true background as a winter eladrin from Yon. He will also warn them of the cruelty of Lord Nightwalker, Lana’s father, and to avoid him if possible

At this point Sam will also offer a quest of sorts. If the players were to procure any cold iron, Sam would be willing to craft weapons for the party with it, depending on how much they bring. If the party is unfamiliar, he will share that cold iron is a rare metal found in the caves and mines of the land of the Winter Court which is particularly deadly to fey creatures. As a result it’s very valuable and desired. The Howling Mines near the Winter Palace, were built specifically to mine cold iron and would be a good place to look, but it’s presumably active and occupied.

[Optional] Clark, the Sword of Unwarranted Warnings

If at any time the players inform Sam that they’re on a task to help the town or land in some way then he will mention he has a spare +1 magical sword he could provide to aid them at no cost as long as they promise to do their best to complete the task (see Clark, the Sword of Unwarranted Warnings below).

A successful DC 18 Insight check will reveal that while Sam is genuine in wanting to help, he is holding back something about the sword and seems to have an ulterior motive. This is because Sam is attuned to Clark and is looking to get rid of the blade as it’s constant false warnings are driving him crazy and hurting business. If a player agrees, Sam will bring the sword out from the back room and give it as promised, breaking the curse and attunement from himself.

Clark, the Sword of Unwarranted Warnings
Weapon (longsword), rare (requires attunement)

You gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon. Clark also warns you of danger from its perspective yelling out things such as “Danger ahead!”, “I have a bad feeling about this”, and “We are all going to die!”. Unfortunately the sword is a poor judge of danger, and is more often wrong than right. At the DM’s discretion, while the weapon is on your person, it will call out when it believes danger is near. This includes yelling to awaken you and your companions if any of you are sleeping naturally when the supposed danger strikes. An identify spell reveals the curse on the sword.

Sentience. Clark is a sentient weapon of chaotic good alignment, with an Intelligence of 12, a Wisdom of 4, and a Charisma of 8. It has hearing and darkvision out to a range of 120 feet. The weapon can speak and understand Sylvan, Elvish, and Common.

Personality. Clark is overly protective of his owner, often warning away others, even potentially party members, if he perceives them to be any sort of threat. As a result, it takes only 1 minute for a character to gain attunement with the sword. Despite his terrible track record in recognizing danger, Clark is impossible to convince that he was mistaken. Instead he will believe that he was in the right and that the threat passed or that it’s always “better safe than sorry” in his book.

Curse. This sword is cursed, and becoming attuned to it extends the curse to you. As long as you remain cursed, you cannot discard the sword, which immediately teleports back into your sheathe or pack if separated from your person. The curse can only be broken if another creature willingly accepts the sword from you or through the use of the wish spell. This also immediately ends your attunement with Clark.


I have highlighted some of the resources I used for this portion of the campaign below.



What’s Next?

Next time we will wrap things up in Vale Crossing. As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out with any comments, questions, or suggestions and… see you in the Feywild!

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