Part X: The Fields of Spring (Vale Crossing – Section B)

The Wild Beyond the Witchlight: Reimagined

Welcome to part ten (wow!) of The Wild Beyond the Witchlight: Reimagined, an expansion and alternative take on the The Wild Beyond the Witchlight campaign. Please check out the previous entries in the series before diving in here!

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In our last entry, we introduced the homebrew town of Vale Crossing in The Fields of Spring (Thither). Today we’re going to wrap up the rest of the locations in the town – so buckle up and let’s dive in!


Town Square

The shops and homes that enclose the town square are decorated with brightly colored garlands and painted wooden boxes filled with a vibrant array of flowers. At the north end of the square stands a large tree stump. On the other end you see a small park with benches, a notice board, and a brick well flanked by a humanoid statue you can’t quite make out.

The Mayor’s Speech

The first time the players arrive in the Town Square they will observe this event.

As you get closer you see a small crowd has gathered around the large stump. A plump and balding eladrin man stands alone on the stump and addresses the crowd.

“I sympathize with you all. The goblins are indeed a nuisance and impinging on the precious Shroudwood!” the man calls out.

A number of boos echo out in response. “Bring back Oberon!”

“Now now, I know we all miss Oberon. Who doesn’t? But we have to deal with the cards we’ve been dealt here. I assure you I’m working very closely with the Sheriff to think through our options. No one wants an all out conflict with the goblins of course.”

The man is Otto Tyrick, the mayor of Vale Crossing. The speech continues for a few minutes longer until the crowd eventually dissipates, clearly not appeased with the mayor’s words. If the players approach the mayor he will collect himself and welcome the party to Vale Crossing. He will share the following information:

  • The speech was intended to calm the citizens since the goblins under Great Gark the goblin king have begun logging The Shroudwood. The goblins are becoming a clear threat but the town has no army so he’s not sure what can be done
  • If the players offer to help he offers a 1,000 gp reward if they can disrupt the operations at the logging camp (he will share directions – #3 on The Fields of Spring map).
  • If the players later return and are successful he will provide the reward as well as publicly gift them the Key to Vale Crossing (see below) as an additional reward and to help calm the residents
  • If the player inform him of Jorgen the Bridge Troll’s demise (if he was killed) he will become very distraught. “The town will never forgive me for this!”
  • He can also share any of the same information as Percy from The Welcome Center

Key to Vale Crossing
Wondrous item, rare

Once per day you can use the key to conduct a 1 hour ritual which consumes gems and/or currency of your choice worth at least 25 gp.

Once complete, you and up to eight willing creatures who link hands in a circle are transported to one of the following locations of the user’s choosing:

– The town square of Vale Crossing in the Feywild
– The last location the key was used in the Feywild

If you are in a different plane of existence than the Feywild the ritual instead has no effect.

Notice Board

The notice board will be filled with faded posters including the following:

  • “Assistance Requested” (see The Enchanted Oven)
  • “Wanted: Snark” (see The Sheriff’s)
  • “Call for Actors” (see Underfoot)
  • One of Granny Nightshade’s wanted posters for Will of the Feywild

Statue and Wishing Well

No one knows where Oberon the Green Lord has gone

As you make your way into the small park you now have a clearer look at the stone statue behind the brick well. The statue depicts a man dressed in green regal attire. A small crown rests on its head and there’s a plaque resting at the statue’s base.

The statue is of Oberon, the Green Lord, the missing overseer of The Fields of Spring. The plaque is written in Sylvan and reads: “For the glory of Oberon, the Green Lord – the true ruler of the Spring Court! May he grant all of your wishes.”

Anyone who examines the well will see a collection of coins have been thrown into it. If a player makes an offering to the well then once per day they can make a Religion check with an additional bonus based on the amount donated:

  • 9 sp or less: +1
  • 1 gp – 9 gp: +2
  • 10 gp – 99 gp: +4
  • 100 gp – 999 gp: +6
  • 1000 gp or higher: Roll with advantage and +6

    On a roll of 20 or higher the divination spell is casted on behalf of the donator. Donations to the well from all parties no longer have any effect for 7 days. Answers to common questions can be found in the upcoming section on The Burrow in The Shroudwood.

    If a player succeeds on a DC 12 Athletics check they can drop down and collect 1d100 gp 1d20 sp and 2d100 cp from the well. If they do so they receive 1 level of exhaustion that can only be removed by a spell or item that can end a curse. Additionally, if they’re caught they’ll be forced to return the money by the sheriff and be fined 100 gp.

The Baking Contest

When the player’s have arranged for the baking contest to take place with Ser Del Goldenpetal then this event will play out in the Town Square.

Denizens from across Vale Crossing have gathered around the stump in the center of the town square. Ser Del Goldenpetal, the knight from the Summer Court, is seated on a raised chair of intricately carved wood looking perplexed as to how he found himself in the position of judge. The different competitors, including Ilse of The Enchanted Oven, and Hansel from The Philosopher’s Scone are standing behind individual workstations and kilns, preparing to begin. The air feels tense as Mayor Otto Tyrick steps forward.

The mayor will serve as the announcer for the competition and will start by explaining the background and the rules as well as introducing the competitors. As a reminder, Titania, the Summer Queen holds this contest to add a new personal baker to her repertoire every 5 years.

  • The rules are as follows:
    • The contestants will have 2 hours to prepare their dish
    • Each contestant is allowed a sous-chef to assist them. If the players have aided one of the bakers (e.g., provided the mushroom for Ilse, agreed to poison Ilse’s dish for Hansel) then they will be asked if one of them wishes to be their sous-chef. The sous-chef will have two roles:
      • Preparation of ingredients
      • Presentation of the final dish
    • During the competition, spectators are encouraged to make the rounds to see the different bakers at work (as well as to spot any attempts at cheating)
      • If the party has accepted Hansel’s ask to poison Ilse’s dish, they can stealthily drop the bean in at this time with a successful DC 18 Sleight of Hand check. You may choose to give advantage if the party somehow creates a distraction
      • If caught, the party will be questioned as to who tasked them with the sabotage. If they admit it was Hansel then he will be thrown out of the competition. The party will be fined 100 gp for aiding in the cheating and it will likely lower their standing in the eyes of many from the town
    • Anyone who is caught cheating, which includes the use of unlicensed magic, will be immediately expelled from the contest
    • At the end of the time limit, Ser Del Goldenpetal will taste each dish and decide upon a winner
      • The party might pick-up on the fact that as everything rests on Del, that they could influence the contest through the summer knight. With a successful DC 18 Persuasion check, the players can lean Del in a certain direction providing advantage on the Presentation roll (see below) for the chosen baker
      • I recommend to only allow a the Persuasion check if the party provides a reason that Del would find compelling (e.g., “Hansel is a spy for the Winter Court!”)
  • When the baking is done and Del makes his rounds, the winner will be selected by the whoever has the highest total sum across three roll-offs. While there are multiple contestants, only Hansel and Ilse have a real shot at winning
    • Preparation: The sous-chef will make a Strength or Dexterity check (their choice) as they cut and mix the ingredients. If Ilse or Hansel do not have a player as sous-chef, then they roll with a +3.
    • Quality: The bakers will conduct a roll-off as they actually create the dish itself to determine its quality
      • If the party provided the hummingbrella mushroom, Ilse will bake Hummingbrella Brulee – a savory brulee topped with dollops of meringue; if not she will instead go with one of her staples – The Rainbow Cake
        • By default Ilse rolls a d20 + 6. If Ilse makes the Hummingbrella Brulee she will also roll with advantage
        • If her dish was poisoned then Del will need to make a DC 16 Constitution saving throw when he tastes it. If Del saves on the Constitution roll, Ilse rolls her Quality check with disadvantage
        • If Del fails the save then he becomes poisoned for 1 hour. He will also become enraged and assume Ilse has poisoned him and must be an agent of the Winter Court sent to assassinate him. He will demand she be arrested, but can be calmed down with a DC 18 Persuasion check
      • Hansel will be making his bread and butter – the so-named The Philosopher’s Scone. He rolls a d20 + 5.
    • Presentation: The sous-chef will make a Performance check as they decorate and present the final dish to Ser Del Goldenpetal. If the player really gets into acting this out you might consider providing advantage to the roll. If Ilse or Hansel do not have a player as sous-chef, then they roll with a +4.
  • Once a winner is decided, the mayor will announce it to the cheers of the crowd. If the players aided the winner (e.g., acted as sous-chef) then the winner will be so ecstatic that they’ll provide free food for whenever the party wants it at their bakery

Traveling Wagons

A row of colorful wagons has set up shop just outside of the welcome center. A flurry of customers and window shoppers line the path in front of the wagons.

Trinket and Bauble

This wagon is built of black wood with a sign mounted at its top reading “Wondrous Wares & Fair Fares!” Two darklings stand in front of it as you approach.

Your players will likely recognize the two darkling merchants as Trinket and Bauble from the town of Downfall. They, along with Charm, have traveled to Vale Crossing just ahead of the party. If Charm’s shadow was caught in Murkendraw, that might be the reason for their swift departure.

They have one each of the following potions available for sale for 50 gp, 25 gp and one bargain, or two bargains each (details on the potions can be found in the “Downfall and Bavlorna” entry). The only exception is the Potion of Healing which they have three of.

  • Bauble’s Bewildering Brew
  • Charm’s Chilling Cup
  • Trinket’s Trembling Tincture
  • Marsh Bubble Pop
  • Potion of Healing

If the darklings are defeated at the Wandering Pool (to be covered in a later entry) their wagon will no longer be in Vale Crossing.

Mort’s Magical Mysteries

A wagon painted to appear like the night sky with vibrant depictions of stars and planets sticks out from the rest of the other vendors. A wizened man dressed in long robes and a floppy wizard’s hat beams in your direction.

The proprietor of this wagon is Mort Merryman, a bumbling hedge wizard with a very optimistic outlook on life. When he’s not selling his services he’s traveling across the Feywild to explore the unknown, meet new friends, and often get himself into sticky situations.

Mort offers the following spellcasting services:

SpellCost per Spell
Comprehend languages, detect magic, identify20 gp
Lesser restoration40 gp
Speak with dead100 gp
Greater restoration500 gp

He also has one each of the following spell scrolls available for sale:

  • Spell scroll (purify food and drink) for 20 gp
  • Spell scroll (create food and drink) 20 gp
  • Spell scroll (lesser restoration) for 50 gp

If you have a wizard in your party this might be a good opportunity to drop in a spell book of your choosing as well.

Elise’s Exotic Companions

Elise Brightfield is a renowned explorer and animal lover. While out on her travels she’ll adopt and nurse back to health wounded animals she finds on her journeys. Unfortunately she’s not able to care for them all, and so for those that aren’t suitable to send back into the wild she’ll make stops at towns to find good parents. She charges fees to continue to fund her efforts, but she won’t sell a creature to anyone she feels like wouldn’t take good care of it.

She has one of each of the following animals up for adoption for 25 gp each or for an equivalent trade.

  • Bruce – A fiercely loyal mastiff (Basic Rules) with a big bark for anyone who threatens his master. He has an unfortunate weakness for treats.
  • Pontificus – A pony (Basic Rules) who is convinced they are a unicorn and becomes very upset if the cardboard horn taped to its head is removed.
  • Squeak – While Elise believes Squeak is a normal hamster, Squeak is in fact a space hamster (Spelljammer: Adventures in Space). Squeak found their way to the Feywild in an effort to meet their idol, the space hamster Boo.


Carved into this immense tree trunk is a doorway leading inside. Above it is etched the symbol of a rabbit’s den. Thick roots to the east have formed a stable of sorts with a small number of horses tied up. From the outside, you hear faint music and muffled conversation.

When the party heads in read the following. If you’d like to use a map I’d recommend this one by u/azevedin.

As you step inside, the common room feels homey and cozy with huge armchairs and an enormous bar right next to the stairs to the upper floors where you assume the guest rooms must be. The walls are covered with strange paraphernalia and knick-knacks while the bar is tended by a human woman with a round face and thick auburn hair. A bullywug plays a very out of tune lute from a small stage in the corner of the common room, making it difficult to make out the light chatter of the tavern’s patrons.

Underfoot is filled with interesting patrons for the party to interact with. Feel free to point out ones you want your players to engage with.

Gertrude Chataway

The woman at the bar is Gertrude Chataway, the owner and bartender of Underfoot, as well as a wealth of knowledge. If the party approaches she will greet them.

“Newcomers am I right? You have a tough look about you. Maybe you’re interested in a job or two?” The woman points to the board behind her with a number of posters hanging from it. “If not, how about a drink and a chat?”

Hanging on the board are the following posters:

  • “Assistance Requested” (see The Enchanted Oven)
  • “Wanted: Snark” (see The Sheriff’s)
  • An ad call for actors in the land of Yon that looks old. It reads:

Casting Call

Seeking actors and actresses of all races and ages. Come audition at Motherhorn, the grand amphitheater of Yon and make a name for yourself across the Feywild!

This is an unpaid opportunity

If the players speak with Gertrude further she can share the following information as well as any of the general info from the introduction section above

  • General Background on The Fields of Spring
    • There used to be a true ruler here – Oberon, the Green Lord. He disappeared during the War of the Seasons 10 years ago. Since then all sorts of unsavory elements have taken up residence in the Fields of Spring
    • The Goblin King, Great Gark rules over a large swath of the domain of Spring but the goblins don’t typically bother Vale Crossing. They rule from the Green Keep in The Golden Fields which is Oberon’s old home. She can point it out if asked (#10 on the Fields of Spring map)
    • More recently the goblins have built a lumber camp on the outskirts of the Shroudwood near the town. The trees of the shroudwood are magical, and as a result anything carved of its wood is magically enhanced. It’s forbidden though to actually chop down those trees though. It was Oberon’s forest after all.
      • The townsfolk are very upset but no one wants to actually go to stop the goblins. If only Oberon was here…
    • The Green Lord’s old hunting lodge has also been co-opted by Skabatha, a hag, as a workshop of sorts and renamed to Loomlurch
      • Word is that Skabatha has some sort of deal with the goblins where they leave each other alone
      • Rumor is she uses children as slaves – but how could that be? There’s no children missing here. The townsfolk steer clear of it
  • Lost Things and the Winter Court
    • If asked about the party’s lost things Gertrude will assume the unseelie fey of the Winter Court are most likely at fault
    • There’s no way to get there to Yon though of course. Since the War of the Seasons 10 years ago there’s a magical barrier erected by Queen Mab to separate Yon from the other courts. Maybe you have to be unseelie to pass through?
    • Rumors are abound that both the Summer and Winter Courts are quietly preparing for a new war. It’s even said that Queen Mab has a new advisor named Zybilna who is helping to prepare a weapon to defeat Titania once and for all
    • She will also share that Sam, the owner of The Woodcutter’s Axe is from Yon, but not to tell him that she said so
  • The Snark
    • If asked about the snark she will share she thinks the sheriff is up to a “bunch of nonsense” and making up enemies from thin air since he can’t deal with the goblins on his own

If the players are looking for a room for the night it is 5 gp per room (with 2 beds in each). She serves the following drinks (the magical effects are not known ahead of time) as well as a 2 gp prix-fixe meal. If you’re looking for a visual hand-out I recommend to use the menu kindly put together by lyokowarri0r!

Food or BeverageDescriptionMagical EffectsCost
Sweet-BrierA delicious cocktail topped with rose petalsN/A5 sp
Frisky DryadA light green cocktail with hypnotic brown swirlsWhen consumed, make a DC 14 Wisdom saving throw. If you fail you have disadvantage on Persuasion checks and saving throws for 1 hour5 sp
Siren’s CallA blue cloudy cocktail reminiscent of sapphiresWhen consumed, make a DC 14 Constitution saving throw. If you fail you take 1d6 psychic damage and gain the ability to breathe in water for 1 hour5 sp
Boggle JuiceA tankard of oily black beerWhen consumed, make a DC 14 Constitution saving throw. If you fail your speed is reduced by half and you gain advantage on Perception checks that rely on smell for 1 hour1 gp
Shroudwood AleA sharp ale brewed with pine needlesN/A3 sp
Oberon’s BlessingA glass of a sweet sparkling white wineYou gain the effects of the guidance spell for 1 minute. This effect does not stack4 sp

The prix-fixe meal is as follows (borrowed heavily from the book):

  • Appetizer: Candied Mist
    • Gertude pulls out a small spray bottle and shoots two quick puffs at your face
    • You catch wisps of sweet, candied mist similar in consistency and taste to cotton candy
  • Main Course: Satyr’s Pie
    • A small, flaky meat and pumpkin pie wrapped in a colorful checkered cloth. As you cut into you think you see a small mushy piece of horn.
  • Dessert: Titania’s Flower
    • A delicious orange flower that whispers, “Eat me” (the flower’s head is tart, while its stem is sweet)

Ser Del Goldenpetal

Seated at the bar, is Del, an eladrin knight of the Summer Court. He has ears like an elf, but his eyes shine brightly in the dim light of the tavern. His hair curls like roots of a tree, and his clothes seem like plants that have been shaped into clothing.

He can share the following:

  • That he is a knight of the Summer Court and was sent to keep an eye on things in town. He’s been here for about six months and was expecting to be called back about a month ago
  • He hasn’t heard from the Summer Court in some time, but he’s sure it’s just because everyone is busy. A successful DC 12 Insight check will reveal he is in fact very uncertain about this and more concerned that he’s been forgotten about here in Vale Crossing
  • He will happily talk forever about the beauty and magnificence of Queen Titania, as well as the vile malevolence and terribleness of Queen Mab
  • He’s been here so long that it’s time for the town’s baking contest held every 5 years. The winner is granted the honor of being one of the queen’s personal bakers. Typically the queen would send someone more qualified, but since no one’s come it’s up to him to be the judge and taste tester. He knows nothing about baking but is happy to do anything for his liege
    • The contest will take place this week in the town square. He doesn’t seem too focused on what day (“Oh – I suppose I hadn’t thought of that”). As a result he’s very open to hosting it on whatever day the players ask
    • However, if more than 10 days pass since talking to Del then the event will be held without the players and Hansel from the Enchanted Oven will win (by subtle cheating unfortunately)
  • If asked about Sir Talavar he’s heard of the faerie dragon, but thinks non-eladrin knights are foolish. He will care little for events that transpired in Murkendraw which he considers a backwater not worth his time


If players interacted with Charm in Murkendraw they will immediately recognize the tall slender figure in black sipping a drink in a back corner. If the players catch her gaze she will motion them hither. If things went sideways back at Bavlorna’s Cottage then she may not be here depending on how the encounter went.

If the party hasn’t met her, she will introduce herself as Charm – a traveling merchant who acquires goods for her patron (Queen Mab but not stated), as well as other discerning customers (also not stated, but these “customers” include the hags). She has recently traveled over from Murkendraw and is in search of two items in particular (both of which are morally questionable though she won’t share this point either):

  • A troll eye, which she would gladly pay for 200 gp for. If the players slew Jorgen the bridge troll they may already have an eye. The eye is for one of her mysterious customers (Skabatha in this case)
  • A unicorn horn, for which she offers 1000 gp. She will share that unicorns are known to dwell in The Shroudwood. The horn is intended for the Winter Court, as the unseelie court is always looking for more materials for Leyfi Runestones (though she won’t get into this detail)

If the party is interested in purchasing items, she will direct them to Trinket and Bauble at the Traveling Wagons.

Paws “The Shark”

The party will see at one table that Paws, a cat-like humanoid, is engaged in a game of dice with Kofias, a satyr with streaks of white in his hair. The two are playing a game of Cat Eyes (see below). If the players approach, Kofias will groan as he loses the game and complains out loud that Paws has “Queen Mab’s luck”. The party will be invited to join and play if they want to try to make some coin (as well as have the rules explained).

Rules of Cat Eyes

  • Goal: Get a total result higher than the other players, but without going over 12. Additionally, if at any time a player has 2 die that rolled a 1 they automatically win but must announce it.
  • Game Flow:
    • The players all make a bet that is placed into a central pool
    • The players roll initiative
    • The players roll 2d6 once each in turn order and save the results of each die
    • The players then continue through initiative. On each of their turns they can choose to 1) Lock in their result or 2) Roll another d6
      • If a player “locks in” then that player no longer takes any further turns
      • If at any time the sum of all of a player’s die is higher than 12 then they lose and are out of the game
      • Using magic at any time is considered cheating
    • Once all players have locked in, or only one player remains, a winner is announced who receives the pool of bets

If any players agree to join in then the first game with be low stakes – a 1 gp bet from all involved and will play out accordingly to the rules. From there Paws will strongly encourage another game but with higher stakes – 50 gp bets (but will come down a bit if the party doesn’t have that much or is reticent).

In this second game Paws will attempt to cheat on his first turn after the initial 2d6 to roll die that will allow him to win. I recommend some sort of obvious tell (e.g., a strange hand motion, an obvious attempt at a distraction) followed by the fixed roll that will allow him to win. If the players are suspicious have them make an Insight check contested by Paw’s Sleight of Hand (+3) to uncover the cheat.

If they catch Paws, Kofias will threaten to report Paws to the sheriff if he doesn’t forfeit, and Paws will begrudgingly do so.


Elkhorn is a gruff older dwarf seated alone at a table nursing a tankard of ale and a plate of food. When the players spot him they will notice he is covered in bandages and has one arm in a sling. You may have already figured this out, but as Elkhorn is here at Vale Crossing, he will not be found later at Loomlurch (and you can ignore that section on him entirely). Everything on Elkhorn from the Appendix B: Factions section of the book is still accurate.

For background, Valor’s Call is from the Free City of Greyhawk on a world called Oerth. Elkhorn’s companions still include Strongheart the paladin, Mercion the cleric, Molliver the rogue, and Ringlerun the wizard.

In the re-imagining, Valor’s Call was hired by the archmage Mordenkainen for an important quest. The wizard has been sending adventuring parties across the planes to hunt down Tasha and bring her to justice for her numerous crimes. By luck of the draw, Valor’s Call found themselves in the right place here in the Feywild, and traveled to Yon to confront the witch queen when they learned she was indeed here (more on this will come in the upcoming article focused entirely on Tasha).

Meanwhile, Tasha learned of a mercenary group known as The League of Malevolence from her sisters who sometimes used them for tasks. This is the same group as The League from the prologue. However, unlike the party who was taken to Murkendraw, they have been in the Feywild for many years due to the strange ways time work in this plane. Rather than distract herself with Valor’s Call, Tasha brought the league into her employ and tasked them with hunting down Valor’s Call and to call her on a sending stone when they accomplished their goal.

About a week ago the league was successful in their work and the two groups clashed in Yon. Unfortunately, Elkhorn can remember none of this. This is because in the middle of the battle, Tasha herself was summoned to the fight. Rather than kill Valor’s Call and risk drawing Mordenkainen’s attention, she cast a more powerful version of the modify memory spell, making them forget Tasha and their task altogether.

Ringlerun, realizing the danger they were in with Tasha’s arrival, attempted to cast teleport so they could escape but was partially interrupted by Tasha’s spell, warping his own teleport magic and scattering the members of Valor’s Call across the Feywild.

While Elkhorn can’t remember why Valor’s Call came to the Feywild or Tasha, his other memories are unaffected and he will share the following information:

  • That he is a member of Valor’s Call and the details on the others in his party. If you’re fan of Greyhawk lore you can feel free to have Elkhorn share a bit about the world of Oerth but it’s not important to the campaign
  • That Valor’s Call battled a vile group known as The League of Malevolence. While the details are blurry they were defeated and somehow separated in the aftermath. Elkhorn himself was knocked out and when he awoke was here in Vale Crossing
  • The townsfolk said they found him and another figure unconscious outside of the Shroudwood. When they approached a goblin party snatched the other figure before running away. They brought Elkhorn back to town from there.
  • Elkhorn believes the other figure was the leader of Valor’s Call, Strongheart, based on the townspeople’s description. Elkhorn is still recovering from his injuries from the battle, but would be grateful for Strongheart’s rescue. He’s heard the goblins live in the Green Keep but doesn’t know much more than that
  • If the party mentions they’re trying to get to Yon he says Strongheart might have an idea – he’s always coming up with ridiculous plans that seem to work out.

Caesar and Alice Little

If the players approach the stage where the bullywug is playing the lute, they will see a single person nearby watching the show with rapt attention. The onlooker is Alice Little, a young woman with deep black hair and a strangely extravagant but also somehow formal attire with a top hat.

Alice Little is Criss Silverfield’s apprentice

If the party joins in to watch the bullywug or approaches her she will perk up.

“Oh excuse me! Are you new to town? Do you like magic?” Before anyone can answer an array of flashing, colored light springs from her hands into the air and she looks back at you expectantly.

Alice will look disappointed if the party doesn’t seem excited, but continues either way.

“Prepare to be amazed! This next one is new trick I’ve been working on recently.” Suddenly three duplicates of herself poof into existence around you and dance and twirl in circles.

The duplicates will remain for a minute or so, and will play with party to grab at hats, juggle, and so forth. They then will disappear as quickly as they appeared, but are replaced with an endearing smile on Alice’s face.

“What did you think?”

If the players seem engaged she’ll be especially excited, but if not will express a determination to continue to improve her craft as a magician.

If the players ask about her she’ll explain that she’s a magician from Neverwinter, and in particular the Neverwinter Academy. She’s been training under The Magnificent Criss Silverfield, her idol and mentor, but he disappeared a few weeks ago after performing here.

She goes on to explain that they both came to the Feywild after Criss was bored of the easy crowds back home. When they would travel across Faerun they amazed people all over, but the Fey don’t seem as interested. Apparently magic isn’t quite as rare here. As the players seem like the adventuring type, she will ask them to let her know if they find him or learn anything.

If asked about the bullywug musician, Alice will state that she thinks the bullywug is excellent, there just seems to be something off about their instrument.

Soon after this, the bullywug, Caesar, will stop her show and sit down to rest. If approached, Caesar will be happy to share about her background:

  • Caesar is a bullywug from Downfall in Murkendraw. She escaped from the soggy court by smuggling herself aboard a swamp gas balloon, but hasn’t had much luck in getting an audience due to her very poor quality lute. She wasn’t able to take her court lute with her when she escaped.
  • If the party gives her the thundering pipes from Murkendraw this would solve her issue. Alternatively, if the party seems interested in helping she has heard the faeries of The Shroudwood are very capable in making instruments for figures of her size – and of course with a little faerie dust magic
  • If players help, Caesar has little to offer the players in reciprocation but will play a magical tune with her new instrument, granting the entire party a point of inspiration


I have highlighted some of the resources I used for this portion of the campaign below.



What’s Next?

Now that we’ve tied a neat bow on Vale Crossing, we’ll be heading out of town and into the depths of The Shroudwood to check in on some known locations (Little Oak, The Wandering Pool) as well as some news ones. As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out with any comments, questions, or suggestions and… see you in the Feywild!

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