Part XI: The Fields of Spring (The Shroudwood)

The Wild Beyond the Witchlight: Reimagined

Welcome to Part 11 of The Wild Beyond the Witchlight: Reimagined, an expansion and alternative take on the The Wild Beyond the Witchlight campaign. Please check out the previous entries in the series before diving in here!

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It’s time for the party to venture forth from the town of Vale Crossing, and their first stop is most likely to be The Shroudwood to the east. For our purposes we’ll be considering areas #3 – #7 as a part of The Shroudwood (see below) which we’ll cover in numerical order (though Loomlurch will have to wait). As a reminder, if you’re going to use the the random events as your players travel between locations, I recommend to reference Part 8 where I went through how to manage these.

  1. Folly Bridge
  2. Town of Vale Crossing
  3. Goblin Logging Camp
  4. Little Oak
  5. The Wayward Pool
  6. The Burrow
  7. Loomlurch
  8. Nib’s Cave
  9. Snark’s Lair
  10. The Green Keep

3. Goblin Logging Camp

When the players arrive read the following (except in the rare case that they’ve traveled to the Green Keep and convinced the goblin king to suspend operations here – in which case the area is abandoned):

You approach the logging site and see that it has been separated into two sections. Stacks of lumber have been neatly piled on the exterior, while a number of goblins are hard at work on a large wooden platform. The ones on the platform seem to be directed by a hunched goblin with a whip that barks orders in goblin. Most terrifying though is a monstrous machine with circular saw blades for arms near the treeline.

To represent the logging camp I used this map from AfternoonMaps. The camp is occupied by the following creatures, (see below for stat blocks and tokens for them can be found at this link courtesy of yours truly):

  • Northeast: A goblin sentry and goblin shredder
  • Wooden Platform: A goblin overseer, goblin pyromaniac, and 2 goblin sentries
  • Southwest: A goblin pyromaniac and goblin sentry

The goblins are actively working to source magically enhanced lumber from The Shroudwood for their leader – the Goblin King, Great Gark. This kind of activity was outlawed when Oberon ruled the Fields of Spring, but the goblins have grown more bold with the Green Lord having been gone for so many years.

While your players might be used to the pushover goblins of the Material Plane, this is a very dangerous situation and a hint of the more cunning (and crazed) goblins of the Feywild. If combat breaks out, the goblins will call for help from the other groups scattered about the map. While the fight is winnable (especially if your players are Level 5), it may also go downhill quickly. If so, it may be helpful to gently suggest that your players make a run for it and try again another time. If the players are defeated you may decide that the goblins take them prisoner in the Green Keep rather than kill them outright.

Combat Tactics

If the players take a stealthy approach and observe, they will see that the goblins are undertaking a repetitive multi-step process:

  • The shredder cuts trees down
  • The tree trunks are sent down the track towards the wooden platform
  • The trunks are cut down on the platform by a complex mechanism and then dropped into a small body of water next to the platform
  • The wood is floated over to lumber piles and placed onto them

With a successful DC 16 Perception check the players will also notice that four barrels of materials across the camp that are seemingly being using for the shredder. These are clearly flammable and could be used as distractions or to gain an edge in combat (see Explosive Barrel below).

If the players sneak onto the wooden platform they can identify with a DC 14 Investigation check that platform’s cutting mechanisms could be destroyed or jammed which would put a halt to the logging operations.

  • The mechanism is a Large object with an of AC 19 and 27 hit points. It has resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage from nonmagical attacks as well as immunity to poison and psychic damage
  • Sabotaging the mechanism requires a successful DC 18 Dexterity check with thieves’ tools or tinkerers’ tools. If the mechanism is disrupted it will draw the attention of the goblins after 1 minute once the gears begin to groan, spark, and fail, but they will unable to fix the issue

If combat does break out, keep in mind that the goblin shredder can release flammable grease that the pyromaniacs can then take advantage of. The goblins are likely not smart enough to use the explosive barrels to their advantage unless they observe the players do it first.


If the goblins are defeated, a search of the camp uncovers the following:

  • An assortment of coins totaling 150 gp
  • An obsidian carving of a king-like goblin figure with sharp features worth 50 gp (depiction of Great Gark)
  • A spell scroll of grease
  • A potion of greater healing
  • A piece of parchment with the following scribbled in childlike Goblin “Password: Glory to Gark”

Explosive Barrel
Adventuring Gear

This barrel contains 40 gallons of explosive materials, and has an AC of 12 and 8 (2d8) hit points. If the barrel is set on fire or destroyed in a rough manner it explodes. Each creature within 10 feet of the barrel must make a Dexterity saving throw, taking 3d6 fire damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one.

4. Little Oak

Art by tzlynart

The Approach

Rather than start the players directly in Little Oak, we will be requiring the party to safely make their way to the glen. The Getaway Gang knows they’ve made enemies of Granny Nightshade and as a result have taken precautions against intruders. If the players succeed on a DC 18 group Stealth check when they arrive here at the outskirts, then they can skip this portion and approach Little Oak successfully without notice.

If not, the PCs will need to deal with The Getaway Gang who will spot the party while hiding in the shadows. In this case Will and the other members of the gang will whistle or otherwise call out to the party (“Over here big-folk!”, “Can’t see that well can you?”) from their hiding spots to lure the party into traps and then quickly hide deeper in the shadows. The traps include the following and can each be spotted and avoided with a successful DC 14 Investigation check:

Net Trap

A thin trip wire has been pulled across two trees and stands about a foot off the ground where a weighted net has been hidden beneath foliage. If triggered, the net snaps upwards, trapping and restraining any characters within a 20-foot-square area. The characters must succeed on DC 12 Dexterity saving throw or drop anything they are holding in their hands to the ground below as they are suspended from a tree 30 feet in the air within the net. The net has an AC of 10 and 20 hit points and is immune to bludgeoning and piercing damage.

Leg Snare

A vine has been tied down from a tree in a long hanging noose-like shape. If stepped on the vine tightens around the character’s leg and pulls them upwards into the air. The character must succeed on DC 12 Dexterity saving throw or drop anything they are holding in their hands as they are suspended upside down 20 feet in the air. The vine has an AC of 10 and 5 hit points and is immune to bludgeoning and piercing damage.

Pit Trap

A 20-foot-square-area has had a 20 feet deep hole dug into it. The hole has been camouflaged by leaves and dirt on top of a thin canvas. If a character steps onto the canvas they, and anyone else on top of it, are pulled down into the pit taking 2d6 bludgeoning damage from the fall.

Decoy Log

A thick tree trunk has been carefully placed to block the path forward. If disturbed pods of poisonous gas placed inside explode, releasing within a 15 foot radius of the log. All characters within the radius must succeed on a DC 14 Constitution saving throw or take 2d6 poison damage.

If all of the characters at any time all become trapped then they will be confronted by Will and the gang who will demand to know what they’re doing here. If the players make it past the traps then the Getaway Gang will retreat to the safety of the treehouse within Little Oak’s branches. At this point continue from where Will barks to “Stand down or face merry hell!” from the book.

Little Oak

We will be making a number of changes here to better fit the location with the rest of the story. If I haven’t called something out, it will stay as written in the book.

Will of the Feywild

Art by Shawn G. Wood

Firstly, we will be changing the background for Will of the Feywild. As written, he is secretly an oni, which you may have already realized is a bit of a strange twist. It is also unlikely to ever come up and doesn’t have any benefit to the plot from my opinion. Instead we will shift Will’s background to the following:

  • Will still worked for Skabatha Nightshade to kidnap children. As a kid, and thus a peer to Skabatha’s targets, he had a lot of advantages in this arena compared to Skabatha herself. However, he did so as a pawn of the hag and had little choice in the matter
  • To make Will more effective, Skabatha conducted a ritual to make Will age more slowly so he could be of use to her for longer. As a result, while Will appears to be 11 years old, he is in fact about 16 years old give or take. This also had the side effect of giving Will some minor magical abilities (see below for his new stat block)
    • When Will got old enough he realized the situation he was in and fled Loomlurch eight years ago. Since then Will has worked tirelessly to free other kids from Skabatha’s clutches whenever he can, but still lives in shame of the pain he caused in the past
  • Skabatha, realizing the downsides of using real children like Will for her kidnapping ploys, had her sister Bavlorna create Sowpig, a stitched together undead creature that only looks like a child, to replace Will (you can ignore the “look what I found at a graveyard” backstory from the book)

The Getaway Gang

In addition to information on Star the displacer beast kitten, Will and the gang will share the following information:

  • They are the Getaway Gang, a group of rascals led by Will of the Feywild
  • Little Oak provides a home to the Getaway Gang, as he was sympathetic to their plight. The glen is also home to a number of faeries that nest within Little Oak
  • All of the members were once captives of Skabatha Nightshade at her workshop called Loomlurch. She employed them to create toys, but they’re not sure to what end. Their goal is to free all of the children from Loomlurch
    • Will is happy to share that he was once a captive as well and has made it his mission to rescue others, but is unlikely to tell that he used to help Skabatha out of shame for his role in her work
    • The group will look to engage the party in helping to break out the remaining children from Loomlurch. I will cover the revised version of their proposed plan in the next article on Loomlurch
  • Granny Nightshade imprisons her most hated enemies in a cell inside her kitchen.
  • Bobi, Sloane, and Zennor will suggest the players speak with Lamorna the unicorn at Wayward Pool who they believe could help with freeing the children (and will share everything from the “Secret of Wayward Pool” section as well)

If Clapperclaw is with the party he will likely be very excited by the Getaway Gang and, if appropriate for your party, look to join them as his new home.

Little Oak the Treant

The players can also chat with Little Oak. As a treant he should be able to speak four languages, so it’s unclear why the tree is so quiet in the book. If you would like to keep Little Oak silent though, you can have Will translate (“Hey! What’s that Little Oak? Oh.. Oh… I see…”). Little Oak would share the following (some of this is co-opted from the scrapped Grandfather Tree event):

  • He is one of many treant protectors of The Shroudwood and in particular this specific glade. Their numbers are dwindling though for a number of reasons:
    • The goblins from the Green Keep have started logging the Shroudwood, a tremendous violation of the sanctity of the forest
    • Skabatha’s workshop has infested the woods immediately around Loomlurch, turning trees sickly and their leaves brown. She is apparently sucking the energy from the forest for the materials in her workshop as well as to grow redcaps in her garden – bloodthirsty creatures with no redeeming qualities
  • In both cases treants have been killed or worse when trying to interfere and so have instead opted for a more defensive outlook on things
  • Years ago, Little Oak ran into Will after the boy escaped from Loomlurch. Will told Little Oak all about his plight and his desire to help the other children. Little Oak was moved and offered his glade as a home for the Getaway Gang and his branches for a treehouse
  • If the players need a rest he will happily offer up the treehouse but to be careful of the faeries up there

If the players take a long rest while staying at Little Oak’s enclave the faeries (see below) will attempt to play a prank on the party. Some potential options include:

  • Drawing things on their faces with charcoal like mustaches, glasses, or crude messages
  • Placing fake insects or snakes in the party’s sleeping bags / tents
  • Shaving a party member’s beard or mustache in an embarrassing way

Little Oak’s Treehouse

When the players approach the treehouse in Little Oak’s branches, read:

A wooden treehouse has been suspended up in the branches of Little Oak. Ropes and rope ladders hang down to the ground to allow passage up. At the base of the treant is a 20 foot diameter circle of colorful, 6-inch tall toadstools.

  • The rope ladders can be climbed easily, while the ropes require a successful DC 12 Athletics check for those who want to show off
  • The circle is a Fairy Ring which radiates an aura of conjuration magic when scrutinized with a detect magic spell (see section below)

If the players enter the treehouse, keep a few things in mind:

  • Remove the description of Squirt. Squirt has nothing to do except serve as a strange excuse of a guide (why does this oil can know how to get to Yon and why would the party want to hang out with it for any extended period of time?). As a result I’ve removed Squirt. In the reimagining there is no guide to Yon. The players will need to make do on their own (luckily the Winter Palace is an obvious landmark)
  • The unicorn horn is not here as usual

The Faeries and the Fairy Ring

Art by tzlynart

After a short while within the treehouse three faeries (pixie stat block) named Amaryllis, Calluna, and Zinnia become visible. The faeries will be interested in the outsiders, poking and prodding to learn more, and will attempt to polymorph anyone who gets angry or violent. The faeries can share the following:

  • They live in the fairy ring at the base of Little Oak but enjoy spending time up here as well
  • They explain that fairy circles are connected and one can travel between them if one knows the way
  • They have a lot of respect for creatures of The Shroudwood like Little Oak, and a seething hatred for Granny Nightshade and the goblins who are exploiting the forest. As a result if the players seem as if they are acting against the hag or goblins they will freely teach the players how to use the fairy rings (see below)
  • If the players inquire about crafting a lute for Caesar (from Vale Crossing) they will be able to do such but would want something in reciprocation (or if the players are unaware of this quest the faeries could offer a packet of pixie dust instead). In particular the faeries are big fans of pranks and want to play one on Will of the Feywild. They’ll be open to any prank ideas the party has but offer a few ideas as well:
    • Sneakily replace Will’s sword with a wooden stick, but convince him it is still his actual sword
    • Convince Will that his sword has become sentient and can talk
    • Cast enlarge/reduce on Will’s clothes to make them no longer fit and convince him that he’s grown taller

Mechanically, one can travel between fairy rings as long as they’ve been to the ring they’re looking to travel to before. The manner of travel must be learned from the faeries or through a successful DC 20 Intelligence (Arcana) check to recall enough folklore about fairy rings to know what must be done to activate them. The other two fairy rings in the Fields of Spring can be found at Spring Hollow (in Vale Crossing) and Nib’s Cave. These are not fey crossings like in the book.

[Optional] You may choose to have the swarm of campestris singing and dancing inside the ring as per the book if you think your players would enjoy a sing-a-long.

5. The Wayward Pool

Art by tzlynart

The Wayward Pool is going to need some changes to account for how we’re handling The League of Malevolence, the lore Lamorna can share, etc. Most notably we’ll be ignoring the “Zarak Attacks” portion altogether and replacing it with the “Darklings Attack” section below. Keep the passive Perception check for being watched though.

The Approach

Let’s start with getting there. In the book the most likely way to be directed here is by going to Little Oak or just seeing it on the map. Those are still options, but now there’s a few more:

  • The players encounter Charm at the Underfoot tavern in Vale Crossing who is looking to buy a unicorn horn
  • The players are seeking a horn to create a Leyfi Runestone

If the players purchased Pontificus from Vale Crossing, they could find a way to use him or his fake horn to aid their efforts in reaching the lake.


When Lamorna appears, replace the text from the book with the following. I recommend using this map from Rob Hearn.

The lakeshore mists part to reveal a white horse with a single gleaming spiraled horn on her brow. The sight fills you with awe – even amongst the most hardened souls among you. Even though she stands perfectly still, silently observing you, the creature is striking nonetheless.

Ignore all of the information Lamorna shares except that she believes Elidon is imprisoned and likely not dead as this is still accurate. This includes excluding the bit about Amidor and everything about the palace. She will share the following information instead:

  • Unicorns have historically lived a peaceful life in the Fields of Spring until the War of the Seasons 10 years ago
  • With the Green Lord gone, many of the old laws have become ignored, including hunting unicorns given the powerful magical properties of their horns
  • She believes her mate Elidon is one such victim and likely the prisoner of the hag who had been after them in the past. As mentioned, she believes he is still alive or she would sense it and would be very appreciative if the players would free him
    • When speaking of Elidon she will summon a watery version of her mate to show the party
  • Things seem to be getting worse lately in the Shroudwood beyond just the plight of unicorns. The goblins are logging the woods and she’s even seen sight of the jabberwock, a fearsome dragon-like creature
    • If the players ask more about the jabberwock she will share that it is the pet of Queen Titania of the summer palace so she’s unsure how or why it’s possible she saw it as Titania never lets it leave the palace grounds. As in the book, she emphasizes avoiding the creature and it’s tendency to lock onto prey
  • If the party mentions they have been asked to obtain a unicorn horn, but clearly have no intention of harming Lamorna, she will share that Snark horns have similar properties and Snarks are vile murderous creatures

She will still offer Wayward Pool as a safe place to rest, if the characters need it. She can also describe the lake’s magical properties (see “Regional Effects”).

Darklings Attack

As the conversation with Lamorna winds down, instead of Zarak, the party will be accosted by the traveling darkling merchants Charm, Trinket, and Bauble. As a result ignore the “Zarak Attacks” section and run this one instead. Characters who have a passive Wisdom (Perception) score of 17 or higher are not surprised by them. All other creatures in the area, including Lamorna, are surprised.

Regardless of whether the players intend to kill Lamorna, the darklings Charm, Trinket, and Bauble will arrive. How did they know where your players were?

  • If your players bought anything from them in Murkendraw or Vale Crossing then it was a locate object / scrying effort of course
  • If not, they simply followed the party
  • Either way, unlike in “Zarak Attacks”, the darklings do not require unicorn horns to approach as the party has already summoned Lamorna.

The darklings want Lamorna’s horn as it will fetch a heavy price at the Winter Court. One horn can make quite a few Leyfi Runestones with the practiced wizards of the court. This is a pure greed motive though so there are some ways out of engaging the darklings in combat:

  • The players pay them off
  • The party convinces them there’s more profit in not killing the unicorn (if the party kills it then none of them will be hurt, a trick, etc.)
  • The party agrees to help in killing Lamorna or cutting off her horn (only an evil party would presumably do this)

If the darklings aren’t convinced to leave then combat will break out. Unlike the book, there’s no chance for the unicorn to flee as the darklings lay down an impassable magical barrier of shadows around the battlefield. You should roll initiative for Lamorna though who will participate. We will need to make some adjustments to her stat block to ensure there are higher stakes in the combat (as well as to make her a bit more streamlined to run) so use the one below instead. Keep in mind that the shimmer step ability is unable to pass through the shadow barrier.

The darklings have no interest in defeating the PCs. Their first interest is to go for the unicorn unless stopped or forced to deal with a player. If at any point the unicorn is killed they will cut off the horn with an action and flee.

The standard darkling stat blocks won’t do for any sort of challenge. Instead use the ones below, with Trinket and Bauble each using the Greater Darkling stat block.

If the players capture the darklings or force them to surrender they can likely be convinced to share the following information. This will also cause the barrier of shadows to disappear.

  • The darklings work as merchants for Queen Mab of the Winter Court. They occasionally take side jobs though to line their pockets
  • They want the horn to sell to Mab. She pays good money as they are needed for Leyfi Runestones. The wizards of the winter court are so practiced at it – they can make a lot of runestones from even one horn (whereas Skabatha needs the full horn to make one)
  • They are very familiar with Yon and can share all of the same information as Sam from the Woodcutter’s Axe (except the personal information about Sam of course). They also know Criss Silverfield is a “guest” of the Winter Court, a point that will only come up if directly asked about the magician
  • If asked about the troll eye, they say this was a request from Skabatha. They’re not sure what for. If the PCs obtained the eye and gave it to the darklings they have already given it to Skabatha at this point
  • If the players let them go they promise to drop the effort to kill the unicorn and provide any valuables they have on them (see treasure below). If it seems they need to sweeten the pot to convince the players then they’ll also offer a few additional potions on the house when they all get back to Vale Crossing
    • An DC 12 Insight check will reveal the main deal to be true (they’re very self-interest serving). They’ll be willing to make a fey pact to this effect as well. However, if the part about additional potions comes up then this will clearly be a lie as their plan is to leave the Fields of Spring post-haste


  • Lightning-Catching Bottle (from The Griffon’s Saddlebag)
  • Miscellaneous coins worth 200 gp
  • The ring of protection on Charm’s person (as well as her charm’s chilling cup if she didn’t use it during the encounter)
  • If the darklings successfully robbed Bavlorna they will have the thread on them. They will admit this was a side job from Endelyn but will offer it as part of a bargain to extradite themselves from the situation

If the players successfully save Lamorna she will be grateful for their help and will use her healing touch ability if she has any uses left for the party, as well as provide them with one charm of heroism before leaving.

6. The Burrow

When the party arrives read the following:

The woods are dark and the sounds of predators echo across the trees. It feels as if eyes are piercing the darkness in your direction, studying your every move, but when you go to look you find nothing. The woods thicken the further you go, blocking out the sunlight and casting a cold pale over the path ahead.

Finally you reach a small clearing dominated by a large twisting tree with no leaves. As you take it in a haunting voice pierces the air. “Greetings little mice. What brings you to my burrow?”

Willa, the Grimalkin

The Burrow is the lair of Willa, the Grimalkin, an ancient cat-like creature of the Feywild that considers the Shroudwood her personal domain despite rarely leaving the burrow itself. Willa’s shape and size is amorphous as she has the ability to blend in and out of the shadows. As a result the players won’t be able to fully discern her, but instead only catch glimpses of the glow of her burnt-orange eyes or her razor sharp teeth through a wide grin.

It’s also very difficult to determine the exact source of Willa’s voice. With a successful DC 18 Perception check a player can discern that the voice comes from different directions, as if the speaker is somehow moving around the forest at will.

Given’s Willa’s long life, she yearns for things to cure the boredom of near immortality. While she can likely make quick work of the party, especially if attacked, she will have much more interest in talking and toying with them. As a result, if the players bring up questions or Hazel’s description of Willa as a “fountain of knowledge”, the grimalkin will become very intrigued.

I recommend using the Shadow Fae variant of this map by Eightfold Paper to represent The Burrow.

The Test

Willa will offer to answer three questions for the party on any topic… for a price. Willa will ask the party to participate in a melee with creatures of Willa’s creation as she hasn’t had the opportunity to test them as of yet. This will entail a combat with 2 – 4 grimalkin shadows (see below for stat block).

Despite not fighting herself, on initiative count 20 during the combat, Willa takes a lair action to cause one of the following effects; Willa can’t use the same effect two rounds in a row

  • Twisty Turny. Shadows swirl across the burrow, re-orienting the field of battle. Every creature in the lair must re-roll initiative.
  • Strange Grin. Willa grins hauntingly from the darkness of the treeline. Every creature of Willa’s choice in the lair must succeed on a DC 14 Wisdom saving throw or become haunted for 1 minute. Haunted creatures cannot take reactions and make initiative rolls and concentration checks with disadvantage. At the end of each of the haunted creature’s turns, the creature can repeat the saving throw, ending the effect on themself
  • We’re all Mad Here. Willa lets out a cackling laugh that scars your minds. Willa’s chooses up to three creatures within the lair. Each target must succeed on a DC 16 Wisdom saving throw or take 2d8 psychic damage and become afflicted with a short term madness (see Dungeon Master’s Guide Chapter 8) until the beginning of the next combat round
  • Turn out the Lights. Willa casts the darkness spell at 2nd level originating from an allied creature of her choice. Instead of concentrating on the spell herself, the chosen allied creature concentrates on the spell instead

Fountain of Knowledge

If the players are victorious she will answer the three questions as promised. Willa will answer truthfully no matter the question, but may withhold information or word it in a tricky manner. If the players fail, she will heal any downed players for 1 hit point and begrudgingly answer one question out of pity.

Some answers to common questions include the following, but be prepared that players may ask about their PC backgrounds as well. These may also be useful for the fountain in the Town Square of Vale Crossing.

  • Where are our Lost Things?: They are deep within Arctis Tor, The Winter Palace of Yon. Fancy a date with the Queen of Air and Darkness?
  • How do we get to Yon?: Due north of course. Assuming you can get past Queen Mab’s barrier
  • How can we get past the barrier around Yon?: The unseelie use Leyfi Runestones to pass through. Maybe you can knock one out? Or of course there’s the hag… perhaps Granny Nightshade will let you through?
  • Where is the Magnificent Criss Silverfield?: Within the court of the Winter Queen of course! Perhaps he’ll put on a show for you
  • Where is Luca Oxley?: The boy wizard is atop a high mountain in Yon peering at the stars
  • What happened to Hazel?: If questioned about Hazel herself, Willa will play coy, but will eventually admit that she was behind drawing the girl into the Feywild. The whiskers were simply a feymark, a common occurrence when fey pull in wayward travelers to their plane. Willa will see it as nothing more than a simple prank despite the significant impact on Hazel’s life
  • What happened to Oberon?: Willa will pause at this question. Despite her confidence she’s unable to provide an answer. She will allow another question instead

Please, sir, I want some more

If the party want to ask one last additional question, or requests Willa to cure Hazel of her feymark, Willa will agree, but one time only. However – this will incur the additional cost of a single player’s shadow. If the players prepare to leave The Burrow, without asking for either of these things, then Willa will make the offer proactively instead.

If a player makes the pact, their shadow is ripped from them and disappears into the darkness of the burrow, and they become afflicted with the Shadowless Curse.

Shadowless Curse. While cursed you gain the following effects. This curse can only be lifted by the wish spell, a pact with an arch fey, or by Willa herself.

– You do not cast a shadow
– You are always icy cold to the touch

In addition to the above, there are additional effects that will not be immediately clear to the party

  • Some people will be off-put by a person who doesn’t cast a shadow, though less so within the Feywild. At your discretion, in these instances the player should have any relevant Persuasion checks penalized appropriately
  • When meeting, Endelyn Moongrave in Yon, she will be very inquisitive as to how the player’s shadow was taken as it was clearly not by her scissors of shadowing snipping
  • The shadow creatures Willa creates are born from the shadows of others. She plans to use the player’s shadow to create an especially unique creature


I have highlighted some of the resources I used for this portion of the campaign below.



What’s Next?

I hope you’re enjoying your hike through The Shroudwood. We’ll take a break here under the shade of the forest canopy and next time cover the hag Skabatha and Loomlurch. As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out with any comments, questions, or suggestions and… see you in the Feywild!

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