Part XV: Yon

The Wild Beyond the Witchlight: Reimagined

Welcome to Part 15 of The Wild Beyond the Witchlight: Reimagined, an expansion and alternative take on the The Wild Beyond the Witchlight campaign.

Please check out the previous entries in the series before diving in here.

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If you live anywhere similar to me it’s a bit chilly out and the snow is coming down in troves. It’s not only the perfect backdrop for a cup of hot cocoa but also for us to make our way north to Yon!

Whereas we took some naming liberties in the past – I felt as if Yon still encapsulated the concept of the home of the Winter Court and decided to keep it. Unsurprisingly we will be using the content from Yon for this part of the campaign, but with some new additions as usual – in particular, introducing some of the Feywild courtly intrigue I know everyone is dying for!

A few notes on Yon from an overall perspective:

  • Endelyn is not the ruler of the land – she simply oversees Motherhorn. In the reimagining, Yon is home to the Winter Court and thus the rule of Mab, the Queen of Air and Darkness
  • Tzlynart’s Painting series with art of each the major locations is a major plus for your players. He unfortunately hasn’t made his way through all of the Yon locations yet though, but maybe he will by the time you’re reading this!
  • In Yon time oscillates between sundown and night. There is no day!
  • It is extremely cold and characters not wearing appropriate equipment are exposed to the effects of Extreme Cold (as per the Dungeon Master’s Guide). Luckily we warned our players about this in The Fields of Spring and provided multiple options to buy cold weathering clothing – hopefully they did it!
  • Whereas Yon in the book is a mountainous landscape, in the reimagining this region is surrounded by a wintry landscape known as The Frozen Wastes. The party must travel through this region before they can reach the key locations from the book.
  • We will not be using the map of Yon provided in the book. I know, I know – it’s fun and whimsical, but the structure doesn’t make much sense and the way I’ve approached Yon is in a much more linear fashion as the story ramps up further
  • As mentioned, unlike the Fields of Spring, Yon is less of a sandbox and more of a direct path to the party’s goal of reaching Arctis Tor, the Winter Palace and finding their Lost Things. Wandering aimlessly through the cold is not only dangerous, but likely to result in little of value
  • We will be ignoring the random events from the book and working them in directly as appropriate:
    • Astronomer’s throne: Moved to The Observatory (new location)
    • Awakened giant goats: Will be placed directly into normal travel
    • Cyclops beekeeper: To disregard; already used for the Fields of Spring
    • Evil kit: Moved to Lockbury Henge (optional)
    • Goblin procession: Moved to Lockbury Henge
    • Goblin shadows: Replaced with shadows inside the Howling Mines (new location)
    • Pageant wagon: Moved to Brigganock mine
    • Tornado: To disregard; having the party be displaced into another area of the game would disrupt the flow of the campaign. As many others have mentioned – this isn’t a great event overall
  • I have removed the Fey Beacons section altogether. From my perspective, Alagarthas feels completely out of place and the knowledge he shares will be covered well elsewhere. I also don’t want to introduce a way out of the Feywild at this point in the story. With that said I have moved the peytons to the Howling Mines, and there’s nothing stopping you from running it if you want to

What’s Going on Here?

In the reimagining the recommended path through Yon for the party is as follows:

  • The Frozen Wastes (New): After the players cross the magical barrier into Yon, they must make a ~3 day trek across an open expanse of snow and ice to reach The Shimmerstorm Mountains
  • The Shimmerstorm Mountains (New): Following a steep climb up the mountains, the party will make their way to meet the korreds and brigganocks, and learn about more Endleyn, Motherhorn, and the goings-on of the Winter Court
    • Lockbury Henge *Level up to 7*
    • The Howling Mines (New): A trip through an otherworldly mine that connects Lockbury Henge and Brigganock Mine
    • Brigganock Mine
  • Motherhorn: The hag Endelyn Moongrave has the (literal) tickets for the party to reach the Winter Palace, but wants them to first put on a show in her theater of horrors
  • Arctis Tor, The Winter Palace (New): *Level up to 8*
    • At the home of the Winter Court, an unseelie noble is murdered and suspicion is cast on the newly arrived outsiders. In order to clear their names they’ll need to solve the murder themselves as Mab’s advisor Zybilna watches
    • With the culprit caught, the party is granted an audience with Queen Mab herself but she won’t return their Lost Things without a fey bargain. She will only aid the party if they investigate the sudden resurgence of the monstrous fomorians after hundreds of years of them being magically sealed away in the Feydark
  • Mag Tureah (New): The party travels to Mag Tureah, the fomorian fortress, and learn that the culprit was none other than Queen Mab’s advisor Zybilna, who freed the creatures in return for the throne of the Winter Court.
  • Return to the Palace (New): When the players return to share the news and confront Zybilna, the disguised Tasha denies nothing and instead makes a brutally violent escape into the dark
  • Departure from the Feywild (New): *Level up to 9* A grateful Mab returns the party’s Lost Things, and the party is provided with a fey crossing to return home. But is this truly the end of the story? (Hint: It’s not)

Leaving the Fields of Spring

While it’s not necessary to complete all of the tasks in the Fields of Spring for the players to escape to Yon, there might be consequences in your campaign for not helping out with some of the major issues of the land before leaving. Examples include:

  • The Ultimate Bake-Off: Hansel will probably win the competition via cheating. No major ramifications, but perhaps frustrating given Ilse was the better and more moral baker
  • To Hunt a Snark: The Snark will continue to hunt and occasionally kill and eat residents of Vale Crossing
  • Wayward Pool: Without intervention, Charm and the Darklings will acquire Lamorna’s horn to sell to the Winter Court
  • Loomlurch: If the children are not rescued they will continue to labor as essentially slaves. If Will is turned in his fate will be essentially the same.
  • An Ill-Fated Rescue: If Strongheart is not rescued, the players won’t get assistance from Strongheart and Elkhorn later on in the campaign
  • The Green Keep: Even if the logging camp is stopped, the goblins will eventually start back up and grow in power if Great Gark is not toppled or dealt with at The Green Keep. 

Arrival in Yon

This section will play out much differently than the book and we are replacing it entirely:

  • There is obviously no magical barrier in the campaign book
  • We used Amidor in The Fields of Spring, so he is not here
  • The book starts out in the mountains, whereas we are starting in The Frozen Wastes
  • Gleam is not here (she has been moved to Lockbury Henge)

Once the party reaches the northern border between the Fields of Spring and Yon, read the following as they encounter the magical barrier that separates the two realms.

Stretching into every direction as far as the eye can see is a translucent barrier that shimmers like ice in the light, casting a cool, ethereal glow over the landscape. As you stand before it, you can’t help but wonder what dangers may lie on the other side.

A few notes on the magical barrier:

  • The barrier is solid to the touch and nothing can physically pass through it
  • It is immune to all damage and can’t be dispelled
  • The wall extends down underground, up into the sky, and even into the Ethereal Plane, blocking ethereal travel through the barrier

The only known ways to pass the barrier include:

  • The use of a Leyfi Runestone (see The Fields of Spring)
  • Queen Mab bringing down the barrier herself (or if she is killed)
  • The use of the wish spell

When the characters pass into Yon, read:

The land before you is a vast frozen tundra, and the sky above is dark and full of roiling thunderclouds. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning splits the sky, illuminating the mountaintops in the distance with a bright, flickering light. Your gaze is drawn to a distant pinnacle of rock, and you see with a sense of dread that it is home to a formidable castle made of ice and black stone, carved out of the very mountain itself.

The distant castle is Arctis Tor, The Winter Palace. From here the party will venture forth through The Frozen Wastes with the goal of heading towards the palace that’s always on the horizon.

The Frozen Wastes

The Frozen Wastes are an open expanse of snow and ice, with little in the way of plant life, though a ferocious yeti stalks the land. It will take the party about three days to reach The Shimmerstorm Mountains so I’ve broken up this section accordingly.

The air is fiercely cold here and you clutch your cloaks close as you head further into the land of Yon.

Day 1

The Fishing Hole

After a few hours of travel, you see in the distance a small herd of reindeer in the distance. They are gathered around a hole that has been carved into the ice of a frozen river, their noses buried in the water as they drink.

  • The herd of 4d4 reindeer and 1 giant reindeer (use the elk and giant elk stat blocks respectively from the Basic rules if needed) will bolt if they spot the characters or if not otherwise calmed
  • Unbeknownst to the party, a pack of winter wolves is lurking nearby. After a short while, they will strike, causing the reindeer to likely flee. Four of the wolves will break off once they notice the party – one of which is significantly larger than the others and has a deep scar across its left eye.
    • These are 3 winter wolves (Basic Rules) and Smoke, Alpha Winter Wolf (see below)
    • I used this map by u/kronethjort to represent the battlefield
  • If your players somehow stopped the reindeer from fleeting, the giant reindeer with help the party to fight off the wolves
  • Once defeated, the wolves can be skinned for pelts with a successful DC 16 Sleight of Hand or Survival check for each body. These pelts are worth 25 gp each, while Smoke’s is worth 50 gp. These pelts can also be worn to provide advantage on Constitution saving throws against extreme cold
  • This is a good spot for some fishing if your players have a fishing pole (such as from the bridge troll). This can be a good way to restock on food if you are tracking this in your game
You can use this token to represent Smoke, Alpha Winter Wolf

Signs of the Beast

Once it reaches early afternoon, read the following:

Your attention is drawn to a trail of bright red spots that stand out against the pristine white of snow that blankets the ground. As you follow the trail with your eyes eventually fall upon a grisly slight. A frozen, dismembered corpse lies beside a small rocky outcropping, its limbs twisted at unnatural angles.

  • A successful DC 10 Wisdom (Medicine) check finds that the corpse belongs to a winter eladrin and has segments of flesh that have been cut away from its body by large claws, but not like those of the winter wolves, while a 16 or higher will reveal that the body is less than a week old
  • A simple search of the body reveals two items of note:
    • A ring inlaid with a white opal worth 150 gp
    • Boots of the Winterlands (Basic Rules)
  • While this would not be known, the body belongs to Aria Coldhollow, a winter eladrin, slain by the Yeti of the Frozen Wastes. Her husband Erik Coldhollow, is taking shelter in a cabin not too far from here

As night nears, the party should find a small uninhabited cave to rest for the evening.

Day 2

The Frozen Lake

As the sun reaches its zenith, you come upon the vast expanse of a frozen lake that stretches out before you, blocking your path. The surface of the lake is hard and smooth, its icy surface glinting with sunlight. You can see your breath in the air as you contemplate your next move.

  • While the lake seems to extend endlessly in each direction, it is only 50 feet wide to cross
  • For each 10 feet a player walks across the ice, have them make an Acrobatics check.
    • On a 15 or higher they pass that length successfully
    • On a 6 – 14 they immediately slip and fall prone as the ice beneath them cracks; if the ice is already cracked then it is the same as a 1 – 5 result
    • On a 1 – 5 (or a 14 or lower on cracked ice), the ice collapses in that location and the character falls into the frigid water (see below)
  • Alternative solutions to get across include spells such as misty step (to at least get part-way) or flying overhead as examples
  • If you want to spice things up even further, perhaps a Giant Walrus (Rime of the Frostmaiden) is lurking beneath the water.

Falling In

As per the Dungeon Master’s Guide, a creature can be immersed in frigid water for a number of minutes equal to its Constitution score before suffering any ill effects. Each additional minute spent in frigid water requires the creature to succeed on a DC 10 Constitution saving throw or gain one level of exhaustion. Creatures with resistance or immunity to cold damage automatically succeed on the saving throw, as do creatures that are naturally adapted to living in ice-cold water.

A character who fell into frigid water continues to suffer the effects of the frigid water until the wet clothes are taken off and replaced with dry ones (or somehow dried).

The Cabin

As you trudge through the snowy landscape, you are relentlessly pelted by heavy flakes of snow and gusts of biting wind that seem to cut right through your thick layers of equipment. The visibility of the path ahead quickly disappears as a blizzard begins to takes shape. Just before the whiteout completely engulfs your group, you catch a brief glimpse of a hare darting away into the storm, its swift movements a blur of white fur.

During the blizzard the following rules apply:

  • Visibility is reduced to 30 feet. Creatures in the area have disadvantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks that rely on sound, as well as sight if they don’t have eye protection.
  • Creatures have disadvantage on ranged weapon attack rolls
  • Any creature that is concentrating on a spell in a blizzard must succeed on a DC 10 Constitution saving throw at the end of its turn or lose its concentration on the spell unless the creature is sheltered against the elements
  • The wind extinguishes open flames, disperses fog, erases tracks in the snow, and makes flying by nonmagical means nearly impossible. A creature falls at the end of its turn if it is flying by nonmagical means and can’t hover.

Eventually the blizzard should lead the party to a cabin for shelter and the blizzard will pass by morning. The cabin is typically a place for Winter Court agents to stay when they are out on patrol and the like, but someone else is here today.

Through the heavy wind and snow a small cabin comes into view, offering the possibility of respite from the raging blizzard

To represent the cabin I used this map by u/LabDoge which is actually a re-creation of the Black Cabin from Rime of the Frostmaiden. I simply placed some barrels over the dead body to hide it.

If you also use the same map, here are the room labels for reference

As the party approaches they will see there is a damaged wooden walkway that surrounds the front of the structure that can be easily climbed.

L1. Main Room

The entrance to the room has been smashed open, allowing snow and howling winds to pour in from the outside, and seemingly knocking the furniture inside into disarray. The floorboards creak underfoot as you step inside. The ground is cluttered with empty wine bottles and books, and you can’t shake the feeling you’re intruding.

A successful DC 14 Investigation check reveals that the damage to the entryway is recent, perhaps from the blizzard, while a 16 or higher will also show that one of the wine bottles was emptied within the past few hours.

The books strewn on the floor are mainly of the pulp fiction variety, nothing of particular note, except for one (see below). You may also choose to put this in the Master Bedroom if you want it to be more difficult to find.

Erik’s Journal. The journal chronicles the journey of Erik and his wife Aria from the Winter Court. It is written in Sylvan and also coded. The code can be deciphered with a successful DC 16 Intelligence check. 

Reading the journal reveals that despite being winter eladrin, the couple are in fact spies in the employ of Queen Titania and the Summer Court. They are fleeing the unseelie court in haste as they have dire news to report back. As luck would have it they were waylaid by a terrible beast two days past and he was separated from Aria. This cabin was where they had planned to hole up before continuing on and Erik is hoping Aria will make her way here if he waits patiently.

L2. Storage Room

This storage room is packed with old supplies. Next to a set of barrels, is a rat, seemingly stricken dead by the cold or starvation.

Hanging from a hook is a set of cold weather clothes. A successful DC 12 Investigation check reveals two rations and a healer’s kit among the junk.

L3. Study

As you enter this study, the first thing that catches your attention is the large fireplace that occupies one wall, its flames dancing and flickering as they provide some much-needed, if meager, warmth. In the corner of the room, a white feathered snow owl sits perched on a bookcase, its piercing gaze fixed on you as it watches your every move with silent vigilance.

Unless a character makes a successful DC 16 Stealth check when they enter, Erik Coldhollow, a winter eladrin (Monsters of the Multiverse) with 80 hit points remaining will have his longbow drawn in the direction of the character as they step inside. Erik is paranoid that the beast that attacked him and his wife, or members of the Winter Court, will find and attack him (see Erik’s Journal for more detail).

If a player is wearing or holding Aria’s ring (see Signs of the Beast above), Erik will recognize it immediately and become hostile, assuming the party has injured or killed his wife. He can be calmed with a successful DC 16 Persuasion check.

If Aria’s fate is shared with him he will become distraught but thank them for sharing the news, as terrible as it is. He will be determined to continue heading south on his mission and offer up the cabin for the players to rest. If not, he will be adamant about staying until his wife arrives.

If the party is able to befriend Erik he will share the following information:

  • The creature that attacked Erik and Aria was a great white ape-like beast, taller than any man. Given the weather he’s unsure exactly where the attack happened
  • Erik and Aria are agents of the Summer Court recruited at a young age and have been spying on the winter palace for the past five years
  • Queen Mab employed a new advisor, a sorceress named Zybilna, three months ago. Zybilna’s influence has quickly grown in the court to the point that Mab listens to few others now-a-days. If asked he can describe Zybilna (you can just show a hand-out to make this easier – see below)
  • Part of the way Zybilna has accomplished this is that she somehow freed the Jabberwock, Titania’s extremely dangerous but loyal pet, from the summer palace as proof of her power, and now it wanders the Feywild. Around the same time, their stone of sending to contact back the Summer Court stopped receiving replies
    • This is because the Summer Court was magically knocked out to sleep as a part of Tasha’s plans though he is unaware of this
  • Recent whispers tell that Zybilna has proposed a plan to the Queen of Air and Darkness to conquer the Summer Court once and for all. He cannot share the details he has heard, but cautions the party to be cautious if they are heading to Arctis Tor
  • Erik can also share any information about the Winter Court that is outlined in The Woodcutter’s Axe section of Vale Crossing

The snow owl (an owl – Basic Rules) is named Marshmallow and a loyal pet to Erik.

While Erik can describe Zybilna, he is completely unaware she is Tasha in disguise

L4. Guest Room

Nestled in a corner of the room, a small bed is covered in a layer of thick dust. The walls of the chamber are lined with shelves and cabinets, all of which look as if they have been neglected for years, adding to the abandoned feel of the space. The musty smell of disuse fills the air.

L5 Master Bedroom.

This bedroom holds a double bed, its sheets and blankets haphazardly tossed aside. Across from the bed, a desk is covered in cobwebs, its surface cluttered with papers and knickknacks, while a soot-stained hearth lies cold against the wall.

Treasure. Tucked under the bed is a small locked wooden chest, for which Erik Coldhollow carries the only key. A character using thieves’ tools can use an action to try to pick the lock, doing so with a successful DC 18 Dexterity check. The chest holds a compass, a set of calligrapher’s supplies and a potion of cold resistance.

L6 Workshop

This attached shed and workshop contains a multitude of yard and household tools. The interior is disorganized, with equipment hanging from walls haphazardly.

The door to the workshop is locked but can be opened with a successful DC 12 Dexterity check using thieves’ tools. The door to the main room has been broken open, and all of the interior doors are unlocked.

The workshop contains a set of smith’s tools and a set of tinker’s tools.

Day 3

As mentioned, the blizzard should die down in the morning allowing the party to continue. After some time:

The Yeti’s Cave

The trail eventually lead to a rocky hillside with snow covered pines growing around its base. A cave with large yawning mouth is set into the hill and tracks in the snow seem to head inside.

Unknown to the characters, a yeti lurks outside the cave. It uses its natural stealth in the snowy environment to stay out of sight. To represent the area I used this map by AfternoonMaps.

The ground here is all difficult terrain. Any character who takes a dash action must succeed on DC 14 Dexterity saving throw or the creature will slip and fall prone.

At this point your players may choose to make some checks:

  • A successful DC 16 Investigation or Survival check will reveal these are false tracks, suggesting a potential trap. A 20 or higher check of the cave entrance will reveal motes of rock dust falling from the ceiling. From there a character can easily determine that the rocks in the ceiling have been weakened, and will fall if any weight passes underneath
  • A character who makes a successful DC 18 Perception check gets whiff of the scent of wet fur on the air, while a 25 or higher will see a hint of the Yeti of the Wastes (see below) body hidden beneath the snow on a ridge south of the cave.

Any character who steps into the mouth of the cave will trigger the yeti’s trap.

  • Any players within the mouth of the cave at the time must succeed on a DC 16 Dexterity saving throw or take 2d10 bludgeoning damage from the falling rocks and be trapped inside the cave as the rubble blocks the entrance. On a success, the player does not take any damage and can choose whether to move out of the way to the outside or inside of the cave
  • The rubble blocks any passage in or out of the cave, but can be removed by using an action to succeed on a DC 16 Athletics check or by other appropriate means.
  • If the yeti has not been spotted, it will choose this time to attack the party, taking them by surprise. Read the following to set the scene:

Without warning, a massive, ape-like beast explodes out of a snowbank to the south, its thick white fur rippling as it lunges forward with a hunger that is all too clear in its glowing eyes. The beast has curled horns extruding from its head like a ram, and its powerful muscles are tensed – ready to strike. You can feel the ground shake beneath its feet as it charges and roars towards you.

After the first round of combat, the blizzard suddenly kicks back up (see above). It dies back down after the yeti is slain, almost as if the creature had somehow summoned it.

As a reminder, during a blizzard the following rules apply.

  • Visibility is reduced to 30 feet. Creatures in the area have disadvantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks that rely on sound, as well as sight if they don’t have eye protection.
  • Creatures in the area have disadvantage on ranged weapon attack rolls
  • Any creature that is concentrating on a spell in a blizzard must succeed on a DC 10 Constitution saving throw at the end of its turn or lose its concentration on the spell unless the creature is sheltered against the elements
  • The wind extinguishes open flames, disperses fog, erases tracks in the snow, and makes flying by nonmagical means nearly impossible. A creature falls at the end of its turn if it is flying by nonmagical means and can’t hover.

Similar to the winter wolves, the yeti can be skinned for its pelt with a successful DC 16 Sleight of Hand or Survival check. Its pelt is worth 100 gp and can also be worn to provide advantage on Constitution saving throws against extreme cold

If the players head past the cave-in and into the cave, read the following:

The cave opens into a 20 foot high den the yeti must have used for shelter. The rocky floor is icy and slick, and it is littered with bones and scraps of meat from both humanoids and animals. Among the debris, you spot the recent remains of a mostly eaten reindeer.

Treasure: By searching the remains the party can find:

Vesture of the Winter Wolves
Armor (studded leather), very rare (requires attunement)

This armor is comprised of white leather and thick white hair reminiscent of the winter wolves it was crafted after. While wearing this armor, you gain a +1 bonus to AC and you ignore difficult terrain created by ice or snow.

Once per day, you can use an action to surround yourself with a blizzard. The storm moves with you and covers a 5 foot sphere surrounded around you, going around, but not through walls. The storm persists for 1 hour, until you use a bonus action to dismiss it, or until you fall unconscious. The area within the sphere is considered difficult terrain similar to ice and snow. Any creature that ends its turn within the blizzard takes 2d6 cold damage.

When a creature within the storm hits you with an attack, you can use your reaction to retaliate with the force of the storm. The creature must succeed on a Constitution saving throw against your spell save DC or take 4d6 cold damage and its speed reduced by 10 feet until the end of the creature’s next turn. On a success the creature takes half as much damage and is not slowed.

The Shimmerstorm Mountains

Art by tzlynart

When the party reaches the mountainside, read the following:

At last you reach the snow-covered peaks that have teased you from a distance over the past three days, their icy summits glittering in the pale light of the sun. A pass leads up into the depths of the mountains, beckoning you forward. You pause to catch your breath though, steeling yourself for the challenges that lie ahead, knowing that your journey through Yon has only just begun.

While in the mountains, thunder and lightning will occasionally crack overhead.

The Bridge

After a few hours of travel read:

The path up the mountain slope is treacherous, barely wider than ten feet in some places and offering no protection from the elements. The wind howls around you, whipping up gusts of snow at times that obscure your vision and make your footing even more uncertain. Every so often, a skittish goat leaps and bound across the mountain slopes with ease, but they keep a wide berth. Despite all of this you push yourself ever further towards the castle always visible in the distance.

After a few hours your route leads you to a deep crack in the mountain side, that plunges down about sixty feet. A narrow rope bridge spans the 40 foot wide chasm, its hempen cables creaking precariously in the fierce mountain winds.

Chasm Bridge

  • The bridge is made of rotting wood and thin frayed rope. It can only support the weight of one character at a time.
  • A DC 12 Investigation check will reveal that it doesn’t look like it can hold much weight and is at risk of breaking at any moment.
  • As the party crosses, roll d20 for each member to see if the rope snaps. Those wearing no armor automatically succeed, while others need the rolls below:
    • Light armor: 5+
    • Medium armor: 10+
    • Heavy armor: 15+
  • On a failed roll one of the supporting ropes snaps and the bridge tips over violently. If someone is on the bridge they can roll a DC14 Dexterity saving throw to get a handhold on the tipped bridge to stop from falling, but will require quick rescue from the rest of the party.


Once it reaches early evening, characters with a passive perception of 16+ hear subtle cracking noises before a thunderous explosion of rock and snow breaks the silence of the mountain.

Without warning, a sheet of snow breaks loose from above and comes crashing down the mountain path. Trees are ripped up by their roots and sent tumbling, and rocks of all sizes are sent hurtling through the air. The avalanche roars down the slope, a wall of white death that threatens to bury everything in its path.

  • Players must make a saving throw to avoid the falling snow, taking 2d10 bludgeoning and 2d10 cold damage on a failed save. If a character heard the avalanche ahead of time, they roll with advantage. The saving throw options include:
    • A DC 18 Athletics check to sprint out of the way
    • A DC 18 Survival check to find shelter behind a tree or outcropping
    • Any other skills you find appropriate based on suggestions by your players
  • Characters failing by 5 or more are buried under the snow and cannot breath. A buried character can make a DC 16 strength saving throw at disadvantage to free themselves from the snow.
  • Characters who escaped the avalanche can search for their friends with a DC 12 Perception check, and pull them out with a successful DC 16 survival, nature, or strength (athletics) check. Each failed check counts as 30 seconds towards their breath holding.

Night Falls

As the party continues up the steep mountains they must decide on where to make camp. When they decide to camp, have the party roll a group survival check (or nominate a scout).

  • On a 18+ the party finds a very suitable location and can take a long rest normally
  • On a roll below 18 they find a non-ideal location and each player must each roll their own Constitution saving throw.
    • 15+: No effect
    • 10 – 14: The character gains a level of exhaustion at the start of the next day
    • < 10: The character only receives the benefits of a short rest and gains a level of exhaustion at the start of the next day

Early the next morning the party should reach Lockbury Henge!


I have highlighted some of the resources I used for this portion of the campaign below.



What’s Next?

Now in Yon, the party will travel across the Shimmerstorm Mountains with their first stop being Lockbury Henge. As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out with any comments, questions, or suggestions and… see you in the Feywild!

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